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113minute. . cast Lucille Bremer. audience score 19109 vote. genre Comedy. Creator Sarah Y. Mason. Wasn't there a speech that Judy Garland did about the war. Judy was only 4ft 11in but had the most amazing voice. Shes so sarcastic in this I love. I think of my grandparents everything I watch this movie. They got married in 1939. Even though they're no longer with us. It would be 76th anniversary. This song well suits them: Together & Forever. 😃. RIP Grandpa (1912-1991. Grandma (1915-2006. Gone But NEVER forgotten. 💍🕵🏽👰🏻💗💗💗.

Irene Dunn was hilarious with her logic of returning the Pug dog and getting the suit! She portrayed her character perfectly! Love her in everything she was in. Wonderful. many thanks. Watch Full Ne vedem in st louis. Watch Full Ne vedem in st. louis. I remember this from my youth - it still terrifies me! If my dear old mother had had her way, this is the music we'd all be listening to today. I'd cry my eyes out and could not stop., if Judy Garland was singing to me like this. The song: four camera-shots. The rest is for eternity... 💫❤.

She looks like a porcline doll. Watch Full Ne vedem in st louis du rhone. Elizabeth sure was a cutie. When Louis came home to the flat, He hung up his coat and his hat, He gazed all around, but no wifey he found, So he said where can Flossie be at? A note on the table he spied, He read it just once, then he cried. It ran, Louis dear, it's too slow for for me hear, So I think I will go for a ride. Chorus Meet me in St. Louis, Louis, Meet me at the fair, Don't tell me the lights are shining Any place but there; We will dance the Hoochee Koochee, I will be your tootsie wootsie, If you will meet in St. Louis, Louis, Meet me at the fair. Verse two Chorus Meet me in St. Louis, Louis, Meet me at the fair, Don't tell me the lights are shining Any place but there; We will dance the Hoochee Koochee, I will be your tootsie wootsie, If you will meet in St. Louis, Louis, Meet me at the fair.

Don't let Ariana Grande see this. The Smiths lives in St. Louis. Esther (Judy Garland) is in love with the boy next door (Tom Drake. But the sad part is that they got to move on to New York before the great World Exposition.
This must be one of the most beloved of the M-G-M musicals, and it's obvious. The Technicolor is one of the most beautiful i have seen, Judy hasn't lost any shape and sings beautifully. O'Briens as Tootie is lovely and Drake is incredibly handsome. The songs and the numbers are unforgettable not in it's spectacle sense, because of it's simplicity and how they get so near to the "home" feeling. Besides, The Trolley song" is mythical.
A timeless movie you must watch again and again. A 10.

I love this movie. My nana is 89, Alzheimers and dementia. She doesnt do much and the only thing that brings her to life are her movies. Meet me in St. Louis and ShowBoat are the two we play over and over for her. Watching this clip I realize now this will forever bring me to me my beautiful and sweet little nana sitting on the couch, suddenly lit up and almost back to life- singing at the top of lungs with her impressive tone and notes right along with Miss Judy. She is always so happy singing to this one especially. I guess its a magical scene for us all. It brings to life something we all have surely felt at some point in some way. That nostalgic feel of heaven on earth when the one that makes us dream at night finally noticed us or finally saw us- the flutter of the heart, the happiness- the feel of soaring- Ahhh It is definitely magical. I like to think when singing this song my nana pictures my grandpa when they were young and first really met ❤️❤️.

Watch Full Ne vedem in St. louis. This was great! I'm so glad I found you. Thank you for sharing these wonderful old movies. Now, THAT'S entertainment. There will NEVER, EVER be another performer like the brilliant, legendary Judy Garland.

R.I.P Frances Ethel Gumm 10.06.1922 - 22.06.1969 😇

Very impressive choreography. The rehearsal must be pain in the ass for this three. I simply loved the film. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddd it. thank u for the upload. Yes indeed, indeed we are. This is the best print online. The others are too dark and blurry. Thank you. Damn it Judy Garland I know but this hurts.

Merry Christmas everyone. a Happy New Year 2017. My favorite holiday classic. trolley song was the best and always wanted to live in this house... always... the staircase is just the most elegant and that grandfather's clock and dad's chair... how can u not love the props in this along with the sisters... Watch Full Ne vedem in st. louis cardinals. The hero looks gay, the girl looks like a boy, and i look totally uninterested. I imagine that my 12 year old niece can sing just like Dorothy.


Watch Full Ne vedem in st. louis rams. Was first introduced to this song when my grandparents showed me Meet Me in St Louis. Now, nearly 2 decades later, their health is failing fast and it could very well be our last Christmas as a family. This song tugs on the heartstrings extremely. Someday soon, we all will be together, if the fates allow 💗. This one shot event is one of the best things ever captured on film. @DissidentGenro Alright man. You're pretty impossible to contact through your page. Just wanted to say if you need anyone to look over the tabs or some help with anything I'd be delighted to. I know quite alot of it.

Frank Sinatra one said: All of us will be one day forgotten, but not Judy! He was right.

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