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Release date 1989. . countries USA. 95minutes. 183010 votes. review Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex would ruin the friendship.

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When harry met sally... carrie. I'm surprised you didn't include Tim Allen's line from the first Santa Clause where he says he's used to flying, he lived through the 60s, LOL. Wow! I totally forgot the time I did a cameo in When Harry Met Sally. I don't understand why this movie is iconic, although it's not bad. And I don't find it believable that Ilsa would have left her husband and gone with Rick at the end. When harry met sally. 1989 cast.

Yeah watch this and then Hustlers.
Any fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 3.
I think I'm gonna binge watch some high grant stating with this. Forgot how hilarious it was.

When harry met sally. 1989. When harry met sally. rating. When harry met sally. full movie.


Help me re-plan my life reddit! I’m putting this under a side account due to the personal nature of the information I’ll be posting. Also please bear with me as I have some slight dyslexic tendencies so I type most words from muscle memory, hence the reason for any completely out of place words. Hello all! I was originally going to make this a moving style post but I decided to go into more detail hence the life re-planning. I’ve been spurred to make a change in the form of a move and a career choice decision. I’ll try to go into as much detail as possible. If anyone at all is able to assist with any useful information I would be very grateful. I feel like I could decide all this own my own without any external advice, (I don’t really have a support structure I can ask other than reddit) then what reddit could advise would be streets ahead of my own choices if left to my own devices. My Life I am 23 years old and I’ve always lived in the same small town in Texas. I live about 4 miles from where I was born and I’ve never lived more than 15 miles from the house I grew up in. I’ve never done much traveling, but I have been to other states before. I visited Fayetteville Arkansas once (3 days) and loved the mountains. I have been to Minneapolis Minnesota for about 5 days but saw nothing but a hotel and the Mall of America, New York once to visit my parent’s birthplace and burry my grandfather’s ashes; and I’ve been to Disney world with my family about 8 or 9 times (going again this December). I should now note that I have been to different states but never have I traveled internationally. I’ve very recently discovered that I may actually be interested in politics and just aren’t around things that match my interests. Most people around this area are pretty staunch republicans. Since that’s all I’m exposed to on a daily bases I just decided to stay out of politics. I recently discovered the libertarian party and agree with much of what they represent. At the very least the state that I’m wanting to move to is a blue state so I’m figuring that should be a nice change of pace from Texas. I live alone and have for several years. I moved out of my mom’s house at 19 (after having experienced dorm life for a year) and moved into an apartment with a girlfriend. We broke up a few years later and I’ve been living alone for about 3 years now. I should probably add that I’ve never had a roommate and don’t really enjoy the thought of one. I had to save up and pay for private room with a shared bathroom/common room at college. Basically a 3 person apartment where each guy had their own room. Current Job Situation I currently work from home for a company and repair computers remotely over the internet. Pretty much exactly what does. I’ve got somewhat decent job security and I’m also able to move as needed without anyone interfering job wise. Since I work from home as long as I’ve got an internet connection and a computer I can work; if I hypothetically took a road trip with a laptop I could hop different wifi connections and do my job. I make about 17. 80 an hour. A normal workweek is 40 hours but overtimes slips in from time to time. On a regular 80 hour paycheck (bi-weekly pay schedule) after taxes and medical deductions I take home about 1, 395. Before taxes it’s close to 1, 800, ~100 being medical/dental and 300~ for federal. I would think this to be a comfortable living amount to be just getting by on but I do have some large recurring bills. I’m explaining this so you’ll have an idea of my current financial situation. Car Payment My girlfriend at the time was driving my car and it was totaled, she made it out unscathed fortunately. That brought on my car payment. I pay 300 a month for a 2010 model civic, this recently replaced a 2008 civic. My credit is very good. My mom cosigned on the first 2008 civic and it helped out quite a bit. I was able to swing 1. 9% APR on the 2008 civic and without a cosigner the 2010 was either 1. 9 or 0. 9 (couldn’t find the paperwork to verify). Dental Bill I have also had to get extensive dental work done. I’ve always been told I’ve got genetically weak enamel and I think that proved to be so. My teeth always chipped and cracked. I finally broke down and got a large amount of my teeth veneered. I’ve got one of those ‘movie star smiles’ as far as my teeth are concerned. I think the Dentist actually did a good job; they’re not chicletish and they look natural, just very white and straight. That set me back about 16 thousand dollars. The monthly payments on that set me back about 370 dollars every month. I’ve had it on autopay at the minimum payable amount and it currently has about 9, 800 left until I can call that finished. Also, I’ve got 40 payments left on the civic. Student Loan I have been trickling Sallie Mae about 50 dollars a month since what seems like forever (Start of 2009). I’ve got about 2500 left on that and the APR is 6. 8%. That was from one year of school at a college I didn’t like I went on a band scholarship because I believed I could do computers as well. Turned out too late the band scholarship was only 500 dollars and it was contingent upon having a full load for 4 years filled with nothing but basics and music. The scholarship was touted to be a full ride and free of class restrictions (To qualify you had to have been a drum major). Insurance & Phone I think the insurance is pretty reasonable, I’ve been with Progressive for about 2 years now and only pay about 110 a month for full coverage insurance. My average monthly electric usage is about 904 kWh. Last month the electric bill was 85. 50, last December it was 121. 11. That’s about the highest and lowest range, since the electric utility isn’t included in my apartments rent that’s my average bill regarding that for the month. iPhone 4 on ATT is weighing me down about 85 bucks a month (grandfathered data FTW). Internet, TV, & Chiropractor The internet is a bit annoying. Since I’m in a small town there’s no super major internet provider, I’ve got a slightly smaller company called Cable One, (they try to make us smile a lot). For an HD DVR and a what I’d call a decent channel lineup, along with 10Mbdown1. 5Mbup internet I pay about 155 after tax. I could actually get a potentially better deal for a slightly cheaper price if I switched to their 50Mb internet service. The total cost would be around 100 dollars but there is a monthly data cap on that plan. I have quite a bit of internet traffic so I’m stuck on the grandfathered 10Mb plan with no cap. I should probably add my chiropractor visits to that list but I hesitated because those should eventually have an end, just not sure when. I’ve got pretty back and neck pain along with a not so awesome case of TMJ. I can only afford to see my chiropractor once a week and it’s 35 per visit. Current Rent Situation My rent is 660 + water and sewage, which typically comes out to about 700. The rent is one of the main things I’m worried about on regarding this move I’m wanting to make. The apartment complex I currently live in is gated and I would consider it very nice. These would be considered very nice apartments in my area and I’m very worried that I won’t be able to find anything as nice for that price. From what looking I’ve done already I’m hard pressed to find anything available for that price. Current Financial Breakdown So if you stuck along for that here’s the approximate breakdown of my current financial state is as follows. 700 Rent 300 Car payment 370 Dental payments 103 Electricity bill 155 Internet & TV 140 Chiropractor 110 Insurance 50 Student loans Total == 1, 788 All that totaled up gives us 1, 788 so figure 1800. That last thousand dollars (if I work a 40 hour week, I’m hourly not salary, might only be 32) goes to things that pop up here and there. Little things I didn’t list like paying for Spotify, grocery shopping, very infrequent clothing shopping although I JUST bought this. I’m not a very good cook. I can make pretty good scrambled eggs and bacon but my culinary skills stop there so I subsequently find myself getting fast food more than I should for my wallet. All that taken into account and I generally have enough to get by for the month maybe 100-200 dollars left to spend on what I’d like. Career Aspirations I feel like I could be doing bigger and better things. I’ve always wanted to do something with computers. I recently turned down the opportunity to work in a VMware position due to the pay only being a 2 dollar bump in pay and a considerable move to a metropolitan area. I wouldn’t have turned this down under normal job circumstances but my current employment situation enabled me to work from home, only from home. I therefore did not feel like the 2 dollars was worth the chance of venue. I do feel like I need to breakout into what I would actually like to do. I would love to do IT system admin work. I don’t know enough to do it currently but that’s the goal I plan to shoot for. I fix a huge variety of issues in my current job. A customer might have a virus or a bootsector infection that needs to be cleaned remotely, quickbooks might not be printing across a network only in multiuser mode, or a customer might just need ActiveX filtering turned off in IE so they can play all their Zynga Facebook games. So I get to do a wide range of troubleshooting and repairing currently. I’m not exactly sure what sort of experience this would qualify under since I’m not exactly at a helpdesk for a company. I really do wish that I could take what I know about the options I have and get them to myself in high school so I could make the correct career decisions instead of trying to do music/computer science at an out of state community college for a year. Galvanizing Factors One motivating push that has brought upon the desire to move and make this change has been the recent departure of one of the last friends I see on a daily basis. He is moving to a different state to live with his wife and brother and basically start his new life. This alone galvanized me to start looking at my options. I have two close friends in the military stationed in different states. I still have friends that I knew from high school but I don’t have any real desire to hang out or share interests with anyone. I do socialize to some extent. I’ve got an online group of gaming friends who have been hanging out for several years. Several of us live in Texas (just too far for convenient meet ups). We’re typically on TeamSpeak talking it up. My point to this is that I really don’t have a lot of people that I see on a daily basis. I went a few days without leaving my apartment before I realize I hadn’t even stepped outside for some fresh air in days. I would be moving away from my mom and stepdad, but we live in a digital age and I believe I can stay in contact despite the distance. There isn’t a lot that I would be leaving behind. I don’t expect to die in this town and I’m ready to start whatever next part of my life is, or at least that’s how I feel about all this. I’ve always thought that I’d get married and then leave this town and move to a new city and settle down with my new bride. Welp, I’d say I’m your average shy, hopefully polite nerd with a bit of awkward, a dash of social hipness (I’m half black so I can say all the racial stuff and it’s still cool), and a crab boat full of hardcore gamer. I’ve come to the realization that I’m not going to find that genuinely kind girl who shares my interest in this town. My first serious relationship of 5 years ended with being cheated on, habitually. She married the guy and I’ve wished them well. Next serious relationship we were on the verge of moving in together and she cheated on me. I don’t know if I’m a cheat magnet or if it’s just the small town (hoping it’s the town). So having come to terms with not leaving this town with a lady in tow; I think I can finally leave. I have friends in the air force who have been forced to move around for training base relocation and deployment, that among other factors is letting me think that I should be able to make it on my own in a new unknown city. Becoming Aware of Myself Very recently a friend gave me two pieces of information which have given me a lot to think about. I smoke trees (cannabis) because it relaxes my neck and back as well as completely removes the pain for my TMJ. When smoking I have odd things happen. Not odd in the sense that I feel like I’m flying, odd as in I feel like a normal person with normal thoughts. I’ve always felt a little out of place in my own head. Take for example this sentence that I’m typing and am about to type. As I type this I’m trying to express a thought but I continually get random flashes of information. For example upon beginning the previous sentences I couldn’t stop focusing on what the name of the actress was in escape to witch mountain, as well as what color the glowing color of their magic is when they find each other. At the same time as that I’m remember some of the scenes from the old MTV claymation fighting celebrity deathmatch in addition to remembering that “Mrs. Robinson” is actually from Simon and Garfunkel and NOT the Beatles (which I didn’t know at one time). The point of this is, on a normal ordinary day every thought is followed by a web of other interconnected thoughts that are pretty hard to work through; which is how I assumed the human brain just worked. Anytime that I’ve been smoking a little marijuana I’m able to slow down and process everything. I can focus on one thing in particular and my train of thought doesn’t get pulled in several different directions. I’ve always been a pretty slow reader and my first read through of Deathly Hallows was a few months before the movie, and it took those few months to get through that one book. I took another stab at the harry potter series after I started smoking trees and finished all the book in 4 days, I couldn’t hardly put them down. I told all this as well as similar effects to my friend and he said it sounded like I just had ADD and the weed was helping. Not sure how much truth to this there was but I can’t explain it myself. Marijuana does something that allows me to laser focus on whatever I think about; I’ve never experienced anything like it before. Granted when I smoke a large amount I tend to go on long explanatory tangents (took 45 minutes to explain to some friends how Neil deGrasse Tyson helped correct the sky in the new 3D titanic movie) I was never tested for ADD/ADHD and still haven’t been. I’ve gotten by this long, but knowing that there might be some sort of logical explanation for what feels like a constant illogical stream of thoughts was very comforting. The second bit of information began with him telling me that I tend to copy or mirror other people’s mannerisms. I’ve noticed it in the past. If seems to get to the point where I get confused if I’m in a mixed group of my friends that wouldn’t normally intermingle since I’m having to keep telling myself how to act. It gets to the point where I almost seem like I’m trying to mirror the other person so much that I lose my own personality when I talk to them because I want them to like me. He told me was that I was probably an introvert. I’ve since googled the heck out of introvertism and have subscribed to r/introvert. Knowing that there was some sort of explanation or at least a shared involvement with other people that had similar tendencies gave me a confidence boost. I’ve always felt very awkward around people, especially the typical attractive out of the geek’s league girl. Sine having discovered that I’m just an introvert and there are others around like me, I don’t have to worry that every girl I meet will try to be a crazy party girl person that I need to try and show off for. I can just be my normal quirky self and with any luck I’ll eventually find someone to share in that with me. Growing up I never knew my father and I’ve never met him. I’ve seen pictures and my mom always said he looked like Isaac from The Love Boat. My grandpa lived in the house with my mom and me for several years until he moved in with a girlfriend (~82). I’d like to think that had an effect being raised by my mother. I think it might also have explain my previous reluctance to moving. I’m ready and willing right now, albeit I’m afraid I won’t make some of the correct decisions. This is the bad time I’m currently waiting for Guild Wars 2 to be released. Video games have always been a big stress release for me. They always seem to come out during just the right times. Battlefield 3 came out a little after I ended my last serious relationship (cheated on). I was able to play that with online friends and it felt a lot better than attempting to drink away my troubles (can’t stand the taste of most alcohol as well). When Guild Wars 2 finally releases that should keep me occupied for several months to come with any luck, and keep my mind off wanting to get out of this town. I tend to feel lonely since I do live alone and rarely have friends over (I don’t really have the friends to have over). I manage an in-game guild and that absolutely can’t wait to jump back in with a party of online friends and have fun! My apartment lease isn’t up until the end of February but I’ve got no problem saving up some money to break it with, and then heading for the mountains once I get things decided. Moving Destination I am considering a move to Colorado. I don’t exactly know where in Colorado. I have visited CO a few times. Once when I was very young and I remember the snow and liked it. I went back on a high school band trip and failboated at my skiing attempt. I did have a lot of fun while doing it. There are a few reasons why I picked Colorado as my desired relocation spot, one of them definitely being their relaxed marijuana culture. Here in TX my dealer just got busted because someone in his apartments smelled marijuana smoke and called the cops. They seized everything and he got probation but no jail time. I’ve been trying to reassure him that there’s still plenty of options and choices he can go down. He’s a genuinely kind person and to see someone go through this makes me sick. I’m tired of having to feel like a criminal because marijuana helps sort out my thoughts and alleviates my pain. So the medical marijuana aspect of Colorado is alluring however it is not the only draw. If I’m going to start getting more into politics I’d like them to be my flavor of politics. I voted in the last presidential election, but whether I voted republican, democrat or independent it hardly seems to matter here in Texas. Appeal of Colorado I also find the raised elevation and mountains very appealing. Having driven to Arkansas a few times I’m familiar with the amazing hills and valleys along the way (I’d call them amazing after living in flat TX). I would much prefer to live in a small quiet redneck mountain town than the equivalent Texas version. It’s not like I don’t have things I can ever do. I live about 30 minutes north of Dallas so I can do things; granted I’m pretty much a stay at home and play video games type person. I wouldn’t necessarily volunteer to live in the arctic circle because I’m not in love with drastically cold weather but when comparing intense heat to extreme cold I’d say that destruction via ice will suffice:) You can put on a jacket or bundle up when it’s cold. You can’t do much when it’s hot other than stay inside or in the shade. I can however say that I do not know of any striking technological appeals that Colorado has to offer, not to say there isn’t any (I honestly don’t know of it). I have heard mention of the Denver Tech Center, but it has been just as quickly dismissed as falling out of favor and not the place it once was. I still haven’t decided if I’d like to finish up some sort of college degree or just buckle down and work on a certification path and gain the knowledge required to work in a junior sysadmin and eventually system admin spot way down the road. The job I have now should keep me employed and with a steady income while I’m working on all these endeavors; I’d just like to do it in more comfortable surroundings, IE Colorado. What do you think Reddit? Am I getting above myself? Does this seem like a reasonable thing to do. A part of me think that it’s just a move and as long as it’s affordable I should do it. The other half of me is pondering all the different and potentially disastrous things that could go wrong. I wouldn’t know anyone at all in Colorado and my work setup doesn’t exactly put it in a social situation where I would see people. I might go from being a social recluse in Texas to being one in Colorado as well; I just feel as if the change will be good. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been particularly depressed in the clinical sense, but I have been unhappy. I’ve typically always hung out with people that are older than me and maybe I just feel like I should be in a better place in my life for my age. Let me try to hopefully narrow down the type of help I’m hoping to get but honestly I’m open to any suggestions you think you can throw my way based on reading this. If you’ve taken the time to read this huge mountain of text then I’ll of course read every single comment posted and reply in kind. Current system admins/IT server guys do you have any sage advice you can impart upon me? I should probably reiterate that I just recently discovered that system admin was an actual position and not just a cool made-up sounding PC slang. I can’t understand how I never knew that up until now but I’m very happy to have discovered it since it fits very well with what I’d like to do. I’m pretty comfortable with most things that a regular user might need to do, or might break on the residential side of Windows, if I took an OS X cert test I don’t think I’d have a problem passing that either. My comfort level with server work isn’t up to par with my other repair knowledge but my goal is to get it there. I might try to setup a lab environment to toy around with one I know what I should focus on. I’m going to do more research on the subject but it looks like the MCSA is a good thing to work toward so I may start breaking down what the learning modules require and then going with something like trainsignal or cbtnuggets for that. Unless it would be worth it to familiarize myself with something like the Network+ from before jumping into to MSCA training. Basically if you could go back and give yourself advice at this age, what would that be?! I’ve searched numerous reddit posts and haven’t seen anything generally negative about Colorado. I do see it billed as “the place to go when the economic crisis gets out of hand” and I’ve never quite understood that. Is it politically poised to try to combat big government, or is that in the sense that when things go zombieland Colorado will be a decent state. I’ve never been in the state and would like to know as much as possible if I’m thinking of moving. Are there hopefully places where I can live a decent live with my current financial situation? Are some towns better for younger more technically savvy individuals. Are there a decent amount of singles in the area? Are there activities for the nerdy gamer crowd at any places in particular? Anything you can tell me I’m sure I’d find it useful. I’ll cap this off by saying thank you very much everyone for taking the time to sift through this and read it. If I need to reply directly via PM on my personal reddit account to any private message I can certainly oblige and as I work from home I should be able to answer and respond to any questions or comments pretty frequently. I’m looking for absolutely any guidance or advice that you feel might help this situation. Is this a completely nonsensical idea; does it seem like I might be able to make a life for myself in Colorado? Any details that you feel I should add let me know and I can add them in a tidy fashion at the bottom of this post as I’m sure there’s a ton of information that I’ve simply overlooked. Thanks so much reddit! TL;DR Needing assistance with a hopefully life changing move to Colorado (duno where). My current lease isn’t up until the end of Feb 2013 but I can break it and move anytime. I work from home and live alone. Wherever I go I’ll be able to take my job with me. TLDR;DR Need help – interested in moving to Colorado but terrified, would you kindly help me decide?

When harry met sally... music from the motion picture. I honestly thought it was gonna be about the painting. When harry met sally musician. When harry met sally restaurant. When harry met sally online. I don't want to put you in a cage I want to love you! Haha great line. When harry met sally kiss. When harry met sally watch online. When harry met sally. dual audio 480p. 1:58 Casablanca lol. Oh wow this movie was so incredibly relaxing! 😌. When harry met sally streaming. She is my favourite actress.


Sounds like everyone pregnant gathered up in 1 shop and gave birth same time. Anna kelley, u were feeling so what. When harry met sally youtube. I was shocked when I had heard about Lori Loughlin. I didn't think she would be that type of person but unfortunately she is.

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Best movie ever watch. When harry met sally. yts. My top favorite movie. 30 years later and this scene and this movie still havent lost their appeal. Lol. She aged very well, she still looks good now at 50 as well. When harry met sally runtime. When harry met sally. wikipedia. This is a wonderful romance film. I'm not a big fan of Billy Crystal, but I found him to be quite charming and romantic in this movie. Meg Ryan is witty, perky and sweet. Although there is quite an age difference between the two, I feel they worked well together and made a believable couple. I like the fact that there is a Christmas scene in the movie, so it can be added to your Christmas movie collection. It's a must see for any true romantic.

When harry met sally... showtimes. When harry met sally. 1989. When harry met sally pecan pie scene. What do you have, a HAAWT DAAATE. 1:53 Big Daddy reference lmfao. Where's Cole. “please dont crush my soynuts”. When harry met sa prevodom. When harry met sally quotes. I literally watched p&p this morning. When harry met sally soundtrack. I forever love 'd better go. Shall we. Alaska Hawaii. Gfdtgjuj. When Harry Met salle de réception. When harry met reaming.

Hiy. Keep It Up. juggle unequal What's your opinion abouu 11. Favorite movie.

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