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Countries Hungary; Directed by François Girard; release year 2019; Genre Drama; writed by Norman Lebrecht; Tomatometer 6,3 / 10. As my username implies, Im fully aware that this does not really count as a Money Diary because Im not responsible for any actual living expenses. However, I decided to post anyways because I know many other people my age who are fully or partially relying on their family. Plus, I was interested in documenting a week of my life and seeing how it changes in the future. Im South Asian, so theres a cultural reason for the support. The basic idea is they support me when Im young/still establishing my life, and I support them when theyre older. Theres also an element of economic privilege. My familys at a place where they can afford to support their children past the 18-years-of-life marker, and Im very grateful for that. Section One: Assets and Debt Retirement Balance: None. Checking account balance: 1000 Savings account balance: 23000 (mostly leftovers from scholarship; also includes income from job held during senior year and my current job. Brief explanation: I received a full-ride scholarship (that was taxed as income) to college. I used the scholarship for rent/utilities, tuition, class expenses (books/access codes) personal expenses, and some groceries. My parents covered phone, health insurance, car insurance/gas for the 1 year I had a car with me, and some groceries (they buy in bulk, so I would raid the pantry every time I came home. I saved the leftover money. Student loan debt: None. See above. Credit card: Use for my own expenses and pay off in full each month from my savings account. Section Two: Income Main Job Monthly Take Home: 680-1020 depending on how many days I am scheduled for. This is usually 2-3 days/weeks, but I am sometimes scheduled for a whole week. Section Three: Expenses Home/utilities/Wifi/cellphone/car: Parents. I will be responsible for everything (except possibly cellphone) once I start med school (Im fully leaning into the Asian stereotype lol. Health insurance: On parents plan until Im 26 Savings contribution: I transfer almost all of my paycheck into my savings account. Acorn Investment fee: 1/month Acorn Investment: 150/month + 10-15 randomly. I change my investment amount pretty randomly (it was last at 8/week. Ive had this for almost 2 years, but I only have ~1000 invested. I understand investment in theory, but the practice of investing and finding good investments makes little to no sense to my mind. Netflix: We all use my cousins account Amazon Prime: Paid for by my dad (using my brother's school email. I mainly use it to watch Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (amazing! I don't know how well I'd fare in 1960s America, but I love the aesthetics of the show and the clippy way everyone talks) Classpass Lite: 30/month. I will change it to the 9/month plan this week. I've only had the 30 classpass for 1 month, and I quickly realized that I really only like one studio (there's not many options where I live. Donations: Until I started reading Money Diaries, I never knew people donated regularly and never considered doing so myself. One of my New Year's resolutions is to donate more. So far, I have donated 50 to The Dinner Party (grief support group) and to Crisis Text Line. Next month, I'll donate to Days for Girls and… some charity involved with education? If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I also volunteer regularly with the text line. The Diary 1/17 (Friday) 5:20: I make coffee and pack my lunch. I also pour a bowl of cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds- the best cereal ever. for breakfast. I get ready, which is usually just putting on sunscreen and earrings, but sometimes I add Milani's cream-to-powder foundation and TO's niacinamide+zinc. I leave by 6:00. 6:00: While I drive, I listen to Dear Girls by Ali Wong (rented through the Libby app. I like it, but it's not as funny as I thought it would be. I also mentally freak out over some asshole who tried to overtake someone on the two-lane road and narrowly avoided crashing into me head-on. I clock into work at 6:45. 7:00: I break my New Year's ban on BuzzFeed. Apparently, January 17 is the day most Americans bail on their resolutions, so I'm right on schedule. I love being on-time! 10:00: I notice the provider fixing something I inputted into the charts, and realize I've been misunderstanding what she meant. I wish she had told me! I'll remember to do it right the next time she says it. 11:30: I clock out for lunch (parathas and almonds) mom made the parathas and makes most of our food; Mother Earth made the almonds. I read old money diaries while I eat. 4:10: Clock out and head home to Ali Wong. Any audiobook recs? For some reason, most non-comedy audiobooks I've found are narrated by men with extremely deep, slow, and soothing voices. Which is great and all, but not if you're driving at 6 AM. So, I've been listening to comedians instead. 5:00: I get home. I change immediately because I'm paranoid that Ill bringing home germs. I stare at my phone and talk to my mom. I also eat honey roasted peanuts, Brookside dark chocolate almonds (these are sooo good) and these mini-roti type things. I also drink green tea. 6:00: I was going to watch the Crisis Crossover with my brother, but apparently, he has a life and is going to meet up with friends. I don't want to watch it without him, so I take a nap. Nap is code for spend 30 minutes watching diy videos and then sleep for 2 hours. 11:30: After dinner (random curries) and showering, I spend some time looking for places to solo travel. I like the idea, but I don't have anywhere in mind and also don't want to spend much money. Maybe New Orleans? I sleep around 12:00. Daily total: 0 1/18 (Saturday) 11:00: I oversleep both of my alarms and wake up at 11. My brain HATES mornings. If I have work/class, it wakes me up with no problem. But God forbid I want to wake up early just to experience more daytime. 2:00: Finish the Crisis Crossover while eating lunch. It was incredibly okay. Also drink a glass of cold vanilla soy milk with a spoon of instant coffee. (It's good, I promise. 6:00: 3 Yoga with Adriene videos done! I'm trying to get caught up to her current 30 days sequence. My ultimate yoga goal is to be able to reach my heels to the ground in downward dog and breathe properly (I can never inhale for as long as she does. 8:00: I shower and head to BJs with my mom. I pump the gas while she shops. I use their club card. 9:00: I get pulled over for the first time ever. There were so many streetlights that neither me nor my mom realized my headlights were off! I have a bad habit of turning the lights off instead of keeping them on automatic mode when I park; this will shock me out of it. Luckily, I don't get a ticket. We were talking about something important before I got pulled over, but neither of us can remember what it is. 11:00: After dinner (chana masala and chapathi) we watch a Indian movie. It only took 5 minutes to decide on the movie- it's a Saturday movie night miracle. I sleep around 1:30. Daily Total: 0 1/19 (Sunday) 9:30: Drink green tea and eat chia seed pudding (honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, vanilla soy milk. My new ClassPass subscription went through today (accounted for in expenses. 11:30: I'm small-chested and have been wearing sports bras and girls bras for 8+ years. I finally measured myself (shout-out to r/abrathatfits) and figured out my actual adult woman size. Aerie doesn't have the exact size, but they have sister sizes. They're having a sale on clearance items, so I order 7 bras in 2 different sister sizes for 92. 62. It feels odd to be buying proper bras. I hope they fit! 92. 62 12:00: I can follow recipes, but I don't have the flair for cooking and creating new dishes that my mom has. I also have no idea how to add spices to American/European recipes so that they are flavorful. So, I'm taking advantage of being at home this year to learn from my mom. Today, I make cauliflower curry and taro fry. 2:00: I drink black tea while putting books on hold on the Libby app. 4:00: I do the Fitness Marshall Speed Sweat workout. I highly recommend this channel if you don't like traditional cardio! Plus, Caleb's commentary is hilarious. I also do a YWA video and use a foam roller for about 15 minutes. 6:00: Shower, get ready, and head out to a pooja (prayer service) with my mom. I haven't been to one of these in around 1 year. I know no one there, I'm maybe only 5% religious (10% on holidays. and I have to volunteer tonight, so I leave in 45 minutes. 7:30: Log on to the Textline. I'm volunteering until 12. They ask that we do 4 hrs/week, and I've been trying to do a bit more. Im aiming to reach 100 hours by the end of February! I always tell myself to log on earlier in the week, but more often than not, I end up doing it all on Sunday night. I'm not feeling too hungry, so I just heat up a black bean veggie patty for dinner in between conversations. 11:30: I log off early because my friend A. texts me saying she needs to talk to someone. We about the issue and random things until 12:40. I'm out by 2 because I decide to browse the internet instead of sleeping. Daily total (clothes+beauty) 92. 62 1/20 (Monday) 10:20: Awake. 10:50: Green tea and a peanut butter/chocolate chip protein waffle with honey. My mom bought my brother a waffle maker as a birthday present and it's the greatest thing ever. 11:20: I shower, get ready, and head out to meet my friend, V., at a mall. Our other friend, S., is running late. We walk around Barnes and Nobles, and I add many books to my booklist; my booklist grows 10 times faster than I read. We go to Panera where we meet S., but I don't get anything. We continue walking around. I buy a heavy jacket (30) for an upcoming trip to Colorado and a sports bra (11) both are on sale. 43. 93. 3:00: I eat lunch and watch New Girl. I cannot stop laughing; how did they film these scenes with a straight face? 5:00: Nap for 1 hour. I'm love sleeping to begin with, but today I'm extra tired because my period started. Luckily, I don't get cramps or PMS symptoms, but the fatigue hits me hard. 7:30: I clean the waffle maker, mop, and clean the mirrors in the house. I also get in an argument with my dad. I apologize because I am totally in the wrong. I would blame my period, but I know my uterus is innocent and I'm just an asshole. 9:30: Make scrambled eggs. Eat that and chapathi/curry for dinner. I contemplate buying a Disney+ subscription. I know my brother and I will use it, but I don't want to get it if it'll just be the 2 of us. I decide against it for now. 10:30: Wash dishes and reluctantly wash the sink strainer (I'm not sure why it grosses me out so much. Then, I drink a random pack of echinacea herbal tea and watch The Commuter with my family. Out by 1 am. Daily total(clothes +beauty) 43. 93 1/21 (Tuesday) 8:40: Black tea and laundry 10:50: I finish day 1 of the Stronglifts program and use a foam roller for 5 min. My dad has a weight machine so I don't need to go to a gym. The barbell row was a bit difficult, but the squats and bench press were doable. 11:00: Head to a brunch place with my friend, M., who is moving soon. I order an avocado toast with hash browns on her recommendation. It was good but it wasn't worth the price. 11. 93 + 3 tip - I always get nervous giving tips at the counter; Im not confident in my math skills, but it pull out my phone and calculate while the cashier stares at me. We also go to another mall because M. needs a wallet. I buy a clearance Rose water and Meringue ultra moisturizing lotion from Bath and Body Works (3. 74. I had unopened bottles, but I think my mom gave them away to someone because I cant find them. I also buy a final sale dress from Papaya (10. 70. I forgot to bring my water bottle and am very thirsty. 29. 37 3:00: I run errands with her and we talk about careers, life, and growing up. It's a fun and interesting conversation. She tells me what a Roth IRA actually is, and I add opening one to my list of things to eventually do. 4:00: We stop by a boba place. I order a hazelnut milk tea with soy milk (I've recently developed lactose intolerance. I ask for no boba because I don't understand the appeal of chewing things when drinking, but she adds it anyway. I don't care enough to say anything. 4. 45 6:00: Home. I make tea with a Tazo Chai packet and tell my mom almost every aspect of my day while she half-watches TV. This is a tradition- I tell her about my life, and she pretends to listen. 8:00: Finish making a chickpea/lentil/quinoa stew from a vegan recipes book I have. I also shower. Tomorrow will be colder (yes, thats Florida-colder, not actually cold-colder) and I know Ill regret having to shower in the morning. 9:00: I eat dinner while watching bestdressed on YouTube. I was going to read, but my ebook (The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth: And Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine by Thomas Morris) automatically returned on Libby. Someone was waiting for it so I couldn't renew. 10:00: Organize my room and sort clothes while listening to Ed Sheeran's collaboration album. In bed by 11:00, but everyone keeps talking in the living room, so I stay awake until probably 11:30 or 12:00. Daily total: 33. 82- 14. 44 clothes+beauty and 19. 38 food+drink 1/22 (Wednesday) 5:20: Black coffee (with 2 spoons of sugar) with chocolate chip and honey waffles (with lots of syrup; I prefer my waffles slightly drowned. 6:55: Clock into work. Today's drive consisted of the albums I have downloaded on my phone(Ed Sheerans X, Demi Lovatos Tell Me You Love Me, and The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Ali Wong was returned to the library: 11+ weeks until I get her back! 11:15: Clock out for a short lunch (quinoa stew and fiber one brownie) 4:20: Clock out and head home. 5:00: Honey roasted peanuts and granola bar. 6:00: Nap time 6:40: Up. I drink Tazo Chai while reading random articles. I then call my bank because I somehow forgot both my password and my ll send me a new pin, and then I can use it to reset my password. 7:30: I do my eyebrows using a Flawless Finish eyebrow pen. I get them threaded every 6ish weeks and maintain them in between. I also stalk Facebook friends. 10:00: Finish 2 YWA videos. Eat dinner and watch bestdressed. I remember that exactly 0 thermals or gloves. I need to get some soon so I don't freeze in Colorado. I think my mom might need them too. 11:00: Head shower (I only have to wash my hair twice/week) and talk to my niece. She's only 18 months so talking consists of annoying her by making her say the new words she's learned over and over again, and trying to teach her my name. Sleep by 12:00. Daily total: 0 1/23 (Thursday) 7:00: Wake up. Black tea and cereal for breakfast. Today's a shorter clinic day due to provider meetings. 8:40: At work. Sit in my car for 10 minutes because I'm here too early. Love driving at this time! 11:15: Lunch (same as yesterday) 2:40: Clock out. Head home to what seems like 20 Pandora ads 3:30: Home and eating a ferrero Rocher and belvita snack pack. 4:00: Head out to meet S. I mentioned my New Orleans solo trip idea, and she wanted to go there too! So we ditched the solo trip idea and decided to look at flights together. 5:00: Home. We're going to New Orleans for a day trip! I've never done anything like this before and am very excited. Ive always loved the idea of a friends trip. I'll book the ticket tonight. I want to talk it over with my parents first so theyre not blindsided by the idea and also to see if they think its a good deal. (They know and trust S. so they're not worried about me traveling “alone”. I also eat mini-rotis. 6:30: How did the week I did this diary become the most expensive week I've ever had? I usually spend nothing and do nothing for weeks on end. 163. 50 7:00: Call A. so she can tell me about her day. I'm never one for talking on the phone, but she is. Our conversations mostly consist of her talking and me saying "Oh, ” “Cool, ” “Huh, ” “Interesting, ” but I love them. 9:00: 1 YWA video and foam rolling. I was supposed to do strong lifts today, but decided to push it to tomorrow because I just wasn't feeling it. 10:00: Shower. Then, I talk to my parents. My mom and I make fun of my dad for being scatterbrained. Then, they make fun of me for my personality in general; I didnt sign up for this. 11:30: Not too sure what I did, but it's now 11:30 and I'm still awake. Tomorrow's a normal work day, so time to sleep. Daily total (transport) 163. 50 1/24 (Friday) 5:20: Coffee, waffle, same routine. Drive to work to the Taylor Swift Pandora station, which only includes 1 Taylor Swift song for some reason 6:50: Get to work. 11:30: Lunch. I don't clock out because I'm working on charts throughout it. 4:30: Finally out! Drive home to the albums I have on my phone because Im over Pandora ads. Possibly kill a squirrel? The idiot thing ran right it front of the car when I was going 50 mph, and I instinctively knew breaking would cause the van behind me to crash into me. 5:20: I don't see squirrel on my tires when I get home, so I guess it's safe. I got my Aerie package so I immediately try them on. I'll return the 2 with the bigger band ( 22) and possibly 1 of the other ones (11) but everything else fit! I'm glad I looked for adjustable straps because I had to adjust almost every one. (Im not going to subtract the returns from my total because I know I wont get around to returning them until next week. 6:00: Masala tea (using a tea packet not actual skill) and mini rotis. 7:30: Oversleep my alarm and wake up from my accidental 1. 5 hour nap. I don't like taking long naps because I feel like they're disorienting, but I guess my body was tired. 9:00: Finish Stronglifts day 2 and foam rolling. I did a 65 lbs deadlift instead because 95 lbs seemed heavy enough to be dangerous. 10:00: Shower while listening to Carrie Underwoods Blown Away album. I used to listen to this album all the time. I guess I really loved her feminine/murderous vibe. 10:30: Watch the movie “Every Day. ” I used to read the book it was based on (Everyday by David Levithan) all the time. The movie is good, but I liked the books conclusion better. Daily Total: 0 Final Totals/Thoughts: Food + Drink: 19. 38 Fun / Entertainment: 0 Home + Health: 0 Clothes + Beauty: 149. 99 Transport: 163. 50 Total: 333. 37 Reflection: This week was definitely more spendy than usual due to the bras and the plane ticket. I also had more plans with friends this week than usual. I try to make an active effort to hang out with friends every month because 1) my friends are awesome and I like them, and 2) Im a homebody, a bit of a loner, and completely content with doing nothing. So, Im scared Ill wake up one day when Im 85 years old and realize I havent talked to anyone or left my house in 15+ years. This week, my “friend dates” just happened to occur back to back. I think most of my other activities (work, exercise, sleeping, etc) were pretty normal. Im interested in seeing how a weekly snapshot of my life will change throughout the years.

2:05 So I've decided to blow up earth.


I enjoy films that don't have the same over-exposed 'stars' in them. This look interesting. 10/10 Bravo. Watched last night - and will certainly watch again. The Song of namen mit. Another two actors that portray good guys and amazing villians equally as memorable, so is that just great acting then.

The song of names review. First thing first, go to the currently downloaded mods and delete them all. Exit the game, go to storage and clear the reserved space (those 5GB we get for mods. Then hold the power button down until the Xbox turns off. While it's off (for at least 30 seconds) log-on to bethesda and make sure to remove any mods from the Library (which can be found at. Start the Xbox back up, log in, get Skyrim started, download Survival Mode, Adventurer's Backpack, and Camping from the Creation Club, then get these mods. I've got this Load Order arranged in sections that work for this set-up. I'm in no way suggesting this is how mods should be arranged for other builds. It is meant to be taken as a whole. Every mod present is required for proper gameplay balance, even the textures. If one starts at the top and works their way down, this WILL NOT work "out of the box" as is. This Load Order WILL REQUIRE one to calibrate a few settings while in the Abandoned Prison. A. means that it is a patch or add-on tied to the mod(s) directly preceding it. If one is searching for these and not finding them, try removing a word from the search terms. Some of these don't like to show up if one searches by the full direct name. Master Files: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch Climates of Tamriel + Darker Nights Foundations: Run For Your Lives Realistic Conversations Guard Dialogue Overhaul Skyrim Reputation Better Intimidation Quest Alterations: Even Better Quest Objectives The Choice Is Yours Menu / Font Changes: 60 FPS Menus - Natural Interface Sanguis - An Oblivion Font Craftables: Phenderix Arcane Archery Race / Magic / Perk Overhauls: Aetherius - A Race and Standing Stone Overhaul Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul Adamant - A Perk Overhaul Idle / Animation Changes: XP32 Maximum Skeleton+Realistic Ragdoll and Force Feminine Females Dualsun Animation Replacer Finally First Person Magic Animation Leveled Lists: Rebalanced Leveled Lists Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors OBIS - SE (full version) DLC Integration Item Changes: Stronger Bosses Skyrim Enhanced Atronachs - With Levelling and Luminosity Relics of Legend - Enhanced Artifacts True Lords of Oblivion Dragon Priest Masks Tweaks Dragon Priest Staffs Rich Skyrim Merchants Audio: Skyrim Music 2 Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul Sounds of Skyrim - Complete Edition Louder Nature - Birds and Insects Phenderix Magic Sounds Improved Enhanced Draugr Fx Weather / Atmosphere: Display Enhancements Wonders of Weather 4K Stars and Galaxies Far Better Sun Relighting Skyrim ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul Mesh / Textures: broken into manageable sections) HD Dust and Snowflakes SMIM Essentials Vivid Landscapes - Alternate Tundra WizKid Signs 3D Log Farmhouse Fences Skyland - Dirt Roads Dark Ages: Sky Haven Temple and Alduin's Wall Detailing The Eldritch - Complete Dark Ages: Dragon Textures Draugr Retexture: Bloody Black Heavy Armory - New Weapons Old Kingdom - Armor Overhaul Old Kingdom - Weapon Overhaul + USSEP Old Kingdom - Crafting Add-On Glorious Dwarven Metal - Old Kingdom Elaborate Textiles, Alternate (Lite) Guard Armor Overhaul Konahrik's Accoutrements Greener Glass SeeEnchanchantments Lock-o-motion (Wooden Thrill) Embers HD - USSEP Ultimate HD Fire Effects Voltage Arctic - Frost Effects Redux - AIO - Ultra Frozen Electrocuted Combustion - Standard Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim Dwemer Spectres Sylvan Spirits Real Wildlife Birds of Skyrim Birds And Flocks Prismatic Insects Grass / Flora: Grass Field SE King Ports - Flower Fields (Low Res) Divine Texture Pack - Flowers and Plants Treeslod_23 Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods Location Edits: Scholar's Library Bells of Skyrim The Rabbit Hole Tactical Valtheim Halted Stream Mine Provincial Courier Service MAP - Project Hippie Trees in Cities Riften Eastern Road Manor Roads Man Those Borders! EasierRider's Dungeon Pack The Blackest Reaches The Marshlands Master The Summit Nordic Ruins Of Skyrim Holidays Lanterns of Skyrim - Special Edition Lost Enchantments for The Discerning Adventurer Gameplay Mechanics: 20 pct More Perk Points 50 pct More Perk Points Perk Points at Skill Levels 50, 75, 100 Truly Absorb Dragon Souls - Heavy Kontrol VioLens More Blood and Gore! Unique Followers: Inigo Lucien Song of the Green + Inigo Banter MORTAL COMBAT: Know Your Enemy - All in One + AIO + OKA Patch Immersive Movement Smilodon + Immersive Movement + Realistic Damage Mortal Enemies + Immersive Movement Better Combat AI Realistic AI Detection Sneak Tools Archery Tweaks Plus Silent Arrows More Effective Blocking No Draugr Disarm The Fire Within - Shouts Powered by DragonSouls Map: A Quality World Map - Classic with All Roads Pastel Map Markers Updated Mine Markers SkyHUD - Oblivion Specialized Mods: broken into manageable sections) Kip Ahrk Bahlok - Food and Hunger Survival Mode - No Carry Weight Modifier dawnguard starts at level 25 Mystic Condenser Radiant Unique Potions & Poisons, Glow Realistic Water Two - Ultra Color Patches Remover Alternate Start - Live Another Life Abandoned Prison Tweaks + EBQO - Alternate Start Relationship Dialogue Overhaul + RDO - USSEP Immersive Hunter Dialogue Immersive Follower Framework + RDO Followers (No Trap Trigger) YOU DON'T KNOW ME - No NPC Greetings. Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen A small tour of Whiterun. Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen I was tired, so my magica and stamina were drained easily. After everything loads up in the Abandoned Prison, and before talking to Mara about a new life, save the game, exit, and reload. Then adjust the OBIS settings, Combat settings, VioLens settings, and the Display Enhancements settings. Those visual settings will depend ENTIRELY on TV/Display set-ups and Personal Preference. Save the game again after all settings are finalized. The settings seen above were exaggerated to ensure optimal stream viewing and clip sharing. To get close to what was seen above, enable pre-sets 16, 4, 14, and 16 again in that order. It will make the nights bright, so personal experimentation is required. If at any point one feels that the settings have gone overboard, Remove All Settings, wait until it says its done, then change them as one sees fit. Something i personally did, was to give ALL of my settings control books to Inigo. It helps to clear up the inventory, and if i ever needed to make a small adjustment it was easy to just talk to Inigo and read the books directly from his Inventory. This set up is geared towards any who feel that they can handle intensely difficult combat. Approach EVERY encounter with caution. On Legendary Difficulty one can fully expect to have a difficult time navigating the surface of Skyrim, let alone the danger that lurk below. It will take preparation and cunning tactics to be victorious. Even then, some areas will just be out of your reach until the mid to late game. For example, after gathering my party and leveling up i wanted to see how far we could navigate down into some Dwemer ruins. On the way there, we were accosted by wolves, thieves, and bandits. Outside the Dwemer ruins we had to clear the bandits and bandit bosses just to get inside. Once inside, we had to clear high level bandits, and then thankfully the bandit bosses inside were only some Dishonored Nobility that had lots of gold and jewelry to loot. Further into the ruins, we came across some higher level bandits battling some Dwemer Spectres. After the victor of that fight was dispatched, and deeper into the ruins, the dwemer automatons were more present. We went further in and ran into low level chaurus and falmer that put up a formidable fight due to my lack of poison resistance. Further along, the heavy armored falmor and falmor mages wound up becoming insurmountable in their defense of their claimed home. I was forced to retreat after using up my potion reserves.

I would love to watch this but I am sure it's going to break my hard shattered for is powerful. Rah i actually thought they got pope Francis in to play himself for a second. Mods, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but I didn't see anything on this topic in the Rules. Hey friends, I have a sad situation. My band is currently recording its first album and we suddenly have to replace our bassist. We are looking for a rock bassist who is able to record his/her parts at home using reasonable-quality mics. Our music is heavily influenced by Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Deftones - but we are not a Tool clone. The music is more melodic. Our drummer is a prog monster. His other project was Divine Ratio. Here's another song. That band isn't prog but his biggest influences are Yes and Rush. I am the guitarist and vocalist, I'm really big on Billy Howerdel's (A Perfect Circle) style, and I play Les Pauls like Adam (Tool) and Billy. I sing clean only. We also have a talented mixing engineer. We all record our parts separately, and then the engineer and I (who live in close proximity) do the finalizing work. We're looking for a bassist who: can play in Tool's style: good mid-range, hypnotic riffs, playing with or against guitars is comfortable playing in 7, 10, 3, 6, etc. can tune down to C# Standard, because all the songs are in that tuning can produce good-quality recordings of his/her playing understands clipping; understands file sharing is friendly and easy to work with. The drummer and I both have mild, friendly demeanors If you're interested I'm happy to provide you some isolated guitar tracks so you can hear what we sound like. EDIT: Sorry folks, here is some additional info, per your request: Band name: This Too Shall Pass Album cover (remaining artwork still in progress) Please consider this carefully regarding payment: To be clear, we are looking for a bandmate, not just a person providing a quick service. You will write your own parts and collaborate with everyone else. This album is a loose concept album about the loss of my best friend to addiction. It tells the story of his final years from various points of view. Because of the subject matter, I have elected to release the album for free on YouTube and free download from Google Drive. We will not profit from it; it is purely a labor of love. However, our follow-up albums will be released as normal and you will receive an equal share of all profits, however large or small. I keep meticulous financial records of my business dealings and you will have full full auditing rights of the revenue generated. Final edit: Thanks so much for the interest, everyone. You all are incredible musicians. We've gotten a lot of messages so we're just going to run through them all and try to get back to everyone.

Hope you're ready for the torrent of news First, as part of the first panel, we were allowed to vote on a song that was to be performed during 7th Live! The theme of the song - winner was 3 (Challenging of a New Era) Atmosphere of the song - Winner was 4 (Like scaling a cliff) Genre of the song - Winner was 2 (Hardcore techno) What will they become. Winner was 3 (Chupacabra, no really) Second, the reveal of the next Tour song - Hyakka wa Gekka ni Chirinuru wo (百花は月下に散りぬるを, Hundreds of Flowers Scattered Under the Moonlight) The unit is named Hanasakuya (花咲夜) and comprises of Emily, Tsumugi and Tomoka! Emily is rank, Tsumugi is points. Here is the full event artwork! Here is the in-game PV. Third, a new~ INCOMING MESSAGE FU-HAHAHAHA! It is I, Takao Kuroi! You worthless 765 Pro fools and your pathetic Producer are about to meet your end! For 961 Pro is about to crush your worthless company until nothing but dust remains! Behold, this tres bien unit, ZWEIGLANZ! Consisting of the crème de la crème of the idol world, Leon and Shika, in a duet titled Alliance Stardust (アライアンス・スターダスト) HA-HAHAHAHA! It's CHECKMATE for you now! Adieu ~ END OF MESSAGE. heck was that? Anyway, got it under control. Sorry for the hijack, security will be redoubled next time. Moving on. Fourth, the next gacha has been announced: the Cold Weather and Slight Fever Gacha! Here are the cards: SSR. Convalescence's Promise" Subaru Nagayoshi: Base, Awakened SR. Uniform Series. Fuuka Toyokawa SR. Uniform Series. Makoto Kikuchi Fifth, a sneak peek at upcoming events: An upcoming PSTheater featuring "Shinsou Mermaid" by Tsubasa and Hibiki! The new song by Zweiglanz, Alliance Stardust. Both events will be under the SAME banner, with a new event type titled "Platinum Star Twin Stage. This specific instance will be titled "Abyssal Blue, Inferno Scarlet. Sixth, a special version of Invincible Justice featuring Yuriko and Tsubasa has been added to the game! Just tick the 音源切り替え checkbox to listen to it. Seventh, the "Theater Casual" outfit has been added to the game! Eigth, starting from January 31st, the gacha will change as follows: First gacha of the month: 2 LIM SSRs, 1 LIM SR, 1 PERM SR Second gacha of the month: 2 PERM SSRs, 2 PERM SRs Third gacha of the month: 1 LIM SSR, 1 PERM SSR, 2 PERM SRs, 1 R. Ninth, to expound on the above, the second gacha of every month will now be the themed gacha SONG FOR YOU! Essentially, SSRs featured in this gacha will be given cards that correspond to their solo songs! Tenth, today's stream will be archived in-game for your re-watching pleasure! It will be up between the 21st and 27th of this month. Eleventh, the official pamphlet is up on the Mirishita official website! You can download it for free there. If you want a physical copy, you can follow the official Twitter and retweet with the displayed hashtag to try and get one! Japan-only) Twelfth, also Japan-only, you can try to retweet the following hashtags to stand a chance to win these official illustrations! Thirteenth, the following gifts for today: 2500 Jewels 2 SSR Master Pieces 60 SSR Tickets 5 Costume Tickets 1 Million Money Fourteenth, the next stream has been announced! The stream is titled "Not Losing to the Cold Livestream! Delivered by the Super Duo. Guest list: Yui Watanabe (Nao) Eri Oozeki (Minako) GamiP KominoP (Themselves) Fifteenth, the next Tour song will be on sale as MILLION THE@TER WAVE 06 on February 26th! It consists of the new song, as well as another song titled 矛盾の月 (Mujun no Tsuki, Moon of Contradicitions. Sixteenth, as announced earlier, Million Live will be collaborating with Coco's Restaurant! The participating units are Sherry n' Cherry, ARCANA and Hanasakuya. For those interested, here is the menu. Seventeenth, for those interested in UNION@IR SPECIAL DVs, here are the dates. Eighteenth, a special gacha is up! Here is what you can get: 1st pull: GUARANTEED SSR, 1500 PAID jewels 2nd pull: GUARANTEED SSR, 2000 PAID jewels 3rd pull: GUARANTEED LIM SSR, 2500 PAID jewels. You can pull LIMs in all 3 pulls. Cards go up to the recent Azusa LIM. Nineteenth and lastly, 7th Live news! The Live is titled THE iDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! 7thLive Q@MP FLYER. You can start pre-ordering from Asobi Store on 20st January, 1200 JST.

Amazing cinematography/but looks like Terence Malick's The Tree of Life with MORE drama.


The song of names book. "The Song of Names" directed by the wonderful François Girard, surpassed all of my expectations! The story is about the relationship two "brothers" and how that relationship changes over the years as the mystery unfolds. The score, by the great Howard Shore, expertly showcases the film's haunting, mysterious tone. Acting, directing and cinematography, to name a few, were all brilliant. Certainly worth a watch, even if just for the magnificent violin solos! The film catches your attention from the very first scene and leaves you wanting more after the shocking finale. I would recommend this film to musicians, as well as anyone who loves a good character-based mystery.

Premise of Wolf's Rain "I tell you now the words of Red Moon: From the great spirit was born the wolf, and man became its messenger. The world is dying. Legends tell of a place called Rakuen, Paradise, that wolves will open at the end of the world and it will become a utopia for life left on the planet. Everyone knows it's only a legend because the last wolf was killed over two hundred years ago. But wolves live on in secret, hidden from the world, able to disguise themselves from the eyes of humans. Drawn to a city that smells of Lunar Flowers, four wolves encounter each other through a series of chance meetings, each trying to survive in this ruined world in their own way. The only thing they have in common is their species and a longing for that entrancing smell on the breeze, but they find themselves traveling together towards paradise, an awkward pack led only by legends and the dreams of the one wolf who is sure it's all real. Elsewhere the Flower Maiden lies dormant, held captive and studied like some long forgotten relic, waiting quietly for those who can awaken her. The scientists who watch over her are manipulated from the shadows by the nobles who wish to find paradise for themselves even at the expense of the humans caught up in their game. World and atmosphere "The thing about fairy tales is… theres always some truth in em. There's a lot of different types of anime; fun shows, thinking shows, shows that ask the big questions. Wolf's Rain is an anime that you feel. There's something very mystical about Wolf's Rain. I've heard it described as a fairytale, the sort of fable you'd tell to a child for them to dream about, or around a campfire sharing tales from your culture. More than one person has mentioned that they think of it as a sort of living artwork, an experience that embraces "show, don't tell" in the best possible way. For all of its atmosphere and ethereal nature it doesn't neglect that this is still a living world with a long history and a broader set of events happening outside of the main characters influence. To be clear, Wolf's Rain is undeniably a character-driven show, and that takes up the core focus. Watchers hoping for a fully fleshed out world that answers every question it raises will likely find themselves disappointed. However given the nature of the show I find this fits much better than if it were weighing itself down with exposition or side stories attempting to fully explore the wider ramifications of every obstacle they encounter. While the tone of the show may be quite mystical, the world itself is heavily science fiction. Advanced technology is a constant presence, from almost alien laboratories and futuristic aircraft to more familiar things such as trains and cars that litter the desolate landscapes. There's a sense that this isn't solely a world of magic or one of science, but a blend of both, and even though it may be in a state of slow decay there's a very real sense of life behind it all. Not quite our world, but not quite somewhere else either, this was once a vibrant world with cities, cultures and a huge society. The story touches on this just enough to give you a feel for what this world might once have been, and the information to start speculating on how it's ended up in this state. Taking advantage of the wolves journey to showcase vastly different scenery across the course of the show, there's always something captivating to look at to complement this form of storytelling. A full moon hangs low over a destroyed city while wolves bask in its light after traveling through deserts, being isolated in snowy caves, eventually finding themselves in beautifully rendered overgrown ruins. The characters do not allow themselves to remain stagnant and the artists didn't allow the scenarios to do so either, always offering up something to feast your eyes on whether it's wallpaper-worthy backgrounds or stunning animation. The incredible art design is something that helps with this sort of worldbuilding as they use it to convey meaning incredibly well. Nobles meet in extravagant rooms while people try to survive on the streets, and with strong direction that plays around with perspectives and framing to convey as much additional information visually rather than just what we are told. Characters "Why do humans always look to the sky? Why do you try so hard to fly when you don't have any wings? We'll run on our own legs for as long as it takes. I've always loved the above quote because to me it epitomises the characters of Wolf's Rain. They may be able to look like humans and interact with people, but their core identity as wolves is never forgotten. They can be vicious, instinctual, and fiercely loyal which provides a distinctly different viewpoint as we encounter many typical obstacles that were common in this era of anime, such as war, companionship, and desperation. That's not to say that they're just a pack of average wolves; wise, timeless and above it all as so often portrayed in media. As with everything else there's a grounded sense to these characters. They may be near-legendary creatures in this world but they live here with normal needs and desires like any other creature, and they're all quite different from each other. The wild Kiba who holds onto his wolf nature so much he struggles to cope with a human world, Tsume who struggles to let go of where he thinks he belongs, Hige who's more than happy to just go where his nose takes him, and Toboe who. well this is his introduction. Poor pup. They aren't the only ones whose stories we follow and there is an equally important cast of human characters. Hubb, an overworked detective and his ex-wife Cher, one of the scientists studying the Flower Maiden, are separately dragged into events, and Quent who seeks revenge on all wolves after the painful events of his past. And in the background a twisted antagonist with a complicated history. The wolves may be the ones who take us through this world but the humans caught up in this journey serve as a balancing influence for the audience. Able to provide more detailed information and a more familiar view on what happens, they often serve as a counterpoint to the otherworldly nature of our main wolf cast. The staff of BONES "Dying or getting killed isn't something unnatural. Living aimlessly without a purpose is. In some ways BONES was made to make this show. Wolf's Rain was one of the earliest productions to come out of the studio, but the concept for this show was around long before it was founded, and it's not by chance that this was the first big project for some of their best staff. Keiko Nobumoto was working at Sunrise on Cowboy Bebop, handling the series' composition and scripts when she had the idea for Wolf's Rain. A true passion project, she pushed for its creation and brought back many familiar faces from the Cowboy Bebop production team: Famous artists including Toshihiro Kawamoto, the character designer on Wolf's Rain and Cowboy Bebop and animation direction for My Hero Academia, and Atsushi Morikawa, the art director for Wolf's Rain, the Cowboy Bebop movie, Sword of the Stranger and a background artist on Neon Genesis Evangelion, return to lend their expertise to the show to great effect. Along with being project lead, Keiko Nobumoto also wrote scripts for the episodes alongside Dai Sato, writer for Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and three Watanabe shows (Bebop, Champloo, Dandy) whose love for darker scripts perfectly balances against Aya Yoshinaga, most known for Natsume's Book of Friends and Durarara. One of Yoko Kanno's finest musical scores Having been recorded in musical sessions everywhere from Brazil and America to Italy and Poland, Kanno drew heavily from a variety of western styles for this project in order to capture its own unique sound, something to truly engage the audience matching the style of the show. For someone with an incredible list of credits to her name such as Cowboy Bebop, Zankyou no Terror, and Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain stands out as one of my favourite scores from her not just as a listening experience, but also because of the beauty of how well it matches every scene. Reuniting with Steve Conte for the opening theme, Stray, as well as Maaya Sakamoto for the ending theme, Gravity, Kanno continues her trademark of a variety of types of insert songs in the show, this time utilising several languages such as French, Portuguese, Italian and English. While I would love to show off the amazing performances of the artists, most of songs are so intimately tied to their scenes that it would be a disservice for first timer watchers for me to remove them from that moment. Valse De La Lune can thankfully serve as an example here of their style and feel, performed by another artist who regularly works with Kanno, Ilaria Graziano. A classic dub that is worth the experience Wolf's Rain has one of my all-time favourite dubs in anime. With an incredible cast list (Johnny Yong Bosch (Vash, Lelouch) Mona Marshall (Shirou, Tachikoma) Crispin Freeman (Kotomine Kirei, Alucard) and Seth Joshua (Knives, Tai from Digimon) and a perfect script, watching the show in English enhances the watching experience much in the same way the Cowboy Bebop dub stands out. Most of the soundtrack is in English and other western languages which fits more naturally with the English dialogue. Additionally, the more casual wording in the English script I find fits the personalities of the four wolves better while the Japanese can sometimes sound a bit formal in comparison. Conclusion "I dont have anywhere to go back to. All we can do is keep moving forward. Wolf's Rain is a beautiful allegory for the way we see the world and how our experiences in it can influence the world around us for better or worse. The contrast of such a mystical story inside a science fiction world creates something special about the entire show. It's not just the wolves who go on a journey, but the audience with them, exploring the many different facets of what it means to have a purpose and survive in a hostile world. I haven't spoken much about the overall story, and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was almost episodic, but there is a clear set of goals, obstacles and the usual progression you'd find in any other linear story. I haven't detailed it because the discovery, and rediscovery on rewatch, of the many things they encounter along the way is something that I have greatly appreciated both times I watched the series and it ties greatly into the overall experience. I hope this encourages some people looking for a more pensive show from the early 00's to give it a chance. Unlike other atmospheric shows from this era it doesn't feel the need to constantly play around with unusual storytelling methods, allowing it to be more suitable for a casual watch without having to always be looking for puzzle pieces, while still having plenty to offer those who want to dive into the details. A small disclaimer: People who absolutely cannot cope with scenes of injured animals should have caution when watching Wolf's Rain. This is a brutal world with a cast of wild animals and it does not hide behind scene cuts or censorship when they run into dangerous situations or brutal fights. Show Information MyAnimeList, Anilist, Kitsu, Anime-Planet, Anime News Network, AniDB Studio: BONES, Ranking: 7. 88 (MAL. 74% Anilist. Runtime: 30* episodes, Aired: Winter 2003 Genres and tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Survival, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Primarily Adult Cast, Animals *While there are 30 episodes in Wolf's Rain, four of them can be skipped. Due to being on skeleton staff for part of production because of the SARS epidemic, episodes 15-18 are back to back recaps made to fill pre-paid TV slots. I don't recommend watching the recaps because aside from being very repetitive they also "reuse" some unique musical tracks that were intended to be one-offs for moments later in the show. The intended ending of the show was pushed back and made as four OVA episodes instead, sometimes marked as episodes 27-30 on downloads and streaming services. OVA's on MAL and Anilist * The OVA's score is 8. 07 (MAL) and 77% Anilist) respectively. Thank you to my proof readers /u/lilachai, u/pixelsaber and /u/enotita.

The song of names film 2019. The song of names wikipedia. Australia U23 vs Bahrain U23 Competition: AFC U23 Championship/Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualifier Kick Off: 12:15am AEDT, 11:45pm ACDT, 11:15pm AEST, 10:45pm ACST, 9:15pm AWST Venue: Thammasat Stadium, Pathum Thani, Thailand Referee: Mohammed Abdulla Hassan Mohamed (UAE) Told you it would be someone from the Middle East. Apparently our very own Beathy has been reffing at this tournament. God help us all. Attendance: Tourists who got lost on the way to Phuket. Broadcast: Kayo, Fox Sports 5 and apparently the My Football YT they bought the licence and sent the work experience kid. Song of the Day: Flyers - BRADIO. If you're an anime fan, you'll probably already know what this is. If not, this is the opening theme for the anime 'Death Parade' 10/10 recommend, not only to blast this song, but the show. Preview Welcome to the third and final part of the 'Olyroos Shitposting Extravaganza. If you missed the last somehow won. It had a bit of everything: Australian goals, a Thai goal, Thailand looking the far better side, swiss-cheese defence, Graham Arnold contemplating life, failed technology, VAR checking some shit and everyone getting a lesson in overly-excited Vietnamese. With Australia knocking off Thailand 2-1 we now lead Group A and require only a draw tonight to move through to the next round. Meanwhile Bahrain have gone from being thumped 5-0 by Thailand to holding Iraq to a 2-2, so their confidence in things other than red flagging their own citizens for political browny points has shot up. If/when the Olyroos qualify for the next round, I will announce the next movie match thread in the shitpost series. Starting Line Ups Note - Currently unavailable, should be able to update shit closer to kick off time. Olyroos Line Up sourced from previous match thread, assuming nothing has changed. AUSTRALIA,vs,BAHRAIN Glover, 2. Sayed Mohamed Shubbar Cleur, 3. Ahmed Mubarak Bughammar Gersbach, 5. Hamad Mahmood Alshamsan Ryan, 6. Abbas Fadhel Alasfoor Mourdoukoutas, 8. Mohamed Jasim Marhoon Najjarine, 9. Ahmed Saleh Sanad Duncan, 15. Hasan Ali Alkarrani Toure, 17. Jasim Khelaif Alsalama Piscopo, 19. Abdulrahman Ahmedi Baccus, 22. Hasan Jaafar Madan Bouman, 23. Ammar Mohamed Ahmed MATCH UPDATES: 4hrs. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. 2hrs - This two hours waiting bullshit sucks dicks. -30mins - Started Pokemon Sword, picked Sobble because I'm a water-type purist. Holy fuck the final evolutions of all three starters suck ass. Update - I can't count for fucking shit tonight. -20mins - Why the fuck do you encounter the game's box mascot/legendary 2 seconds into the fucking game? 5mins - THE FUCKING LIVE STREAM ON MYFOOTBALL IS WORKING. Stand up cunts, the natio anthem is playing! 1min - Yes, the line ups are up. Yes, there are changed to our one. I'll update them at halftime. 0mins - Our commentator is already annoying the fuck outta me. Can we have our Vietnamese friend back? 4thmin - We got a free kick. Nothing came of it, apparently someone is from Wollongong and actually done something other than smoke bongs or be drunk in public in Crown St. mall? 8th - Bahrain take a long range chip shot. They watched the Olyroos v Thailand game. 10th. u/XxLeth94 pointing out the important shit. Our green kit does look fucking mint. 13th - Bahrain get a free kick, do nothing with it. Simon Hill's enthusiam levels remain the same. 15th - Simon Hill has just said someone is a victim. The only victims here are those of us dumb enough to stay up to watch this shit. 20th - So little has happened I'm downloading Mystery Gifts on Pokemon Sword. 22nd - Shoutout to /u/LiveBuyer. OI! You're in the match updates! Also shoutout to Tim B in the YT live chat asking what the acronym 'BHR' means. BHR means 'learn how to read, cunt' 25th - We had a cross for a tap-in. Bahraini. keeper was more hungry for it instead of our left winger. Would have been a goal. 29th - Corner to Bahrain, went to back post, a shot on goal turns into a bicycle kick to a free Bahraini player who almost heads it in for a goal. Yep, our defence still closely resembles swiss cheese. GOAL: 33rd - WE FUCKEN DID SOMETHING BOYS! Piscopo to Ramy Najjarine. OLYROOS ONLY SCORE TAP-INS Australia 1 vs Bahrain 0 39th - I have to formally apologise to anyone from South Australia and not from Port Augutta. I have been informed by /u/Hillside_Desolate that Port Augutta is weird, even for people from the shithole Adelaide. 44th - All it took was 44mins before Graham Arnold was thinking about why the fuck he ever left Sydney FC. 45th - At the end of regulation, the fourth official has determined there will be a minimum of 2 minutes of injury time. 45 + 1 - I think Tom Glover just saved it with his face, or head or stomach or something. Bahrain should have equalised. 45 +2 - Yellow Card to Tass Mourdoukoutas from Australia for doing something dumb. GOAL: 45 + 2 - Equaliser to Bahrain's No. 8. HALFTIME: Australia 1 vs Bahrain 1 46th - We're back. I haven't been watching because I've been too busy writing the names Ahmed, Hasan and Mohamed 20 times over. Apparently Bahrain have had a few close chances and probably buried them. 55th - The only things anyone not watching have missed is mediocre to shithouse Australian defending and Bahraini chances. At half-time, Bahrain had oranges and a gatorade, the Olyroos had their dumb bitch smoothies and have seemingly forgotten how to football. Iraq have also equalised against aning we might have to come back for more of this shit. 57th - Australia should have put it in the back of the net. They failed to do so, nothing has changed. 61st - Substitution - Off: Bouman, On: D'Agostino. (AUS) u/LiveBuyer wants to just see Folami, u/GutwrencheR is bored, but still putting in far more effort than Hill. 64th - Substitution - Off: Saleh, On: Hashim. 66th - Yes Simon, of course Arnie is going to be the loudest person there. Excluding players there's like 10 fucken people at the game. 68th - We get a free kick for some reason. Reno Piscopo, are resident Nux player steps up to take the cunt. For context, Bahrain scored from virtually the same position. 69th - Bahrain almost score after Zach Duncan lost the ball. Another mistake from our defence that sucks harder than the number the sex position this specific thing represents. 75th - Substitution - Off: Abdulrahaman, On: Hadan (BHR) 79th - Substitution - Off: Duncan, On: O'Neill & Off: Najjarine, On: Italiano (AUS) UPDATE. u/LiveBuyer is still depressed over no Folami. /u/Sydney_2000 is talking about elephants, u/GutwrencheR wants one of Sydney's elephants to run on the field and /u/Hillside_Desolite is wondering if the Olyroos Orgy Crew would have made a difference by being eligible to play. Also Thailand and Iraq are still one a piece. 83rd - Bahrain should have scored. Didn't. Because their players forgot to communicate and let the other know someone was going to head the ball. 88th - Keanu Baccus nearly fucked it for us. Tackle in the box. Simon Hill reminds us all that VAR was working and checking. Someone wanna pay this cunt a million dollars to never take the field again? 90th - At the end of regulation time, the fourth official has signalled a minimum of 4 minutes left of this shit before we can all go to bed. 90th + 2 - Simon Hill is still confused as to what 'four added minutes' means. This cunt needs to go back to school. He's also commented on the 'sapping conditions'arently he hasn't considered his commentary being a sapping environment all on it's own. 90th + 4 - D'Agostino makes two close misses, and appears to be the only cunt on the field who cares beyond Graham Arnold. FULL-TIME: AUSTRALIA 1 vs BAHRAIN 1 Australia are through, they now potentially face Syria, Saudi Arabia or someone on Sunday morning. God help us all.

This looks like a joke. Yes, this is a wonderful and memorable film. The director, Francois Girard, and, I suspect, the same Canadian production company were involved in the 1998 RED VIOLIN. Like that film it takes place over multiple time periods, in this film clearly stated to be 1951, 1986, and the earliest, unidentified time which can be inferred to be sometime between March and September 1939. The scene shifts back and forth a good deal and some critics found this confusing and destructive of continuity but I found no difficulty in following the story line. Memory is not linear and orderly but rather fragmented and out of sequence, particularly when dealing with highly charged emotionally traumatic experiences. This is an exceptionally intelligent screenplay where not everything has to be spelled out. It's true that a key plot point mystery is fairly predictable. Yet the story builds to a wrenching climax in a way you don't see every day in the movies.
Tim Roth plays well against type as a quiet, introspective Brit. The score composer, Howard Shore, was involved in composing the impressive music in the Lord of the Rings and does an award-deserving job here. I rate the film at 3.5/4 stars. Strongly recommended for everybody, especially any serious music student as well as anyone of Jewish background, particularly of GenX through to Millennials.

An exquisitely unfolding story that approaches the horror of the Holocaust from a different perspective - that of the many refugees who suspected but were left in the agony of uncertainty.
The restrained Britishness of the era is beautifully depicted and - just like some of the most effective and emotive music - times its climax to perfection. (sorry if this post is weirdly formatted or something idk how reddit works lol) TL;DR: I want to do a concert film of GOOD FAITH LIVE and need your help for that, so if you went to a show and filmed parts of it or are a musician or visual artist please keep reading! or if you're just interested in the project) What is GOOD FAITH LIVE: THE MOVIE? GOOD FAITH LIVE: THE MOVIE (inspired by the great works of HuntroxicMusic, for example his amazing Shelter: The Movie) is an upcoming project that I've been planning to do for a while now. It's basically a concert film, created out of audio/visual remakes and footage entirely done by fans! The goal is to convey the feelings you have while seeing the show live, so that people that couldn't see it can get the chance to experience it and people that could see it can relive the moment. If you want to know more about how such a thing looks and feels like, I suggest watching the linked Shelter Movie by Huntroxic, it is really good! although most of you probably know it lol) So yeah, I basically want to do a similar project, except for GOOD FAITH LIVE - but I cannot do that alone. Here's how you can help if you are one of the mentioned groups: Person that went to a show and filmed: Send me your clips! The movie won't be anything without it's visuals! I have created an email for the purpose of collecting clips: Please send download links to all your clips to this email and include the name you want to be credited by in your mail, aswell as the names of the songs you have filmed in some shape. (either by just renaming the files or by telling me in the mail - this helps me out a ton when sorting the footage. The preferred way to upload the clips would be Google Drive, but I am okay with any website that allows me to download them in full quality! I really want to footage from as many different people as possible in this thing so please, if you have footage and would like to contribute, send it to me! Musicians (this part contains GFL setlist spoilers) For a high quality movie, there needs to be high quality audio! The community is already working really hard on remaking the show, however, there's still a lot of stuff missing. From what I've seen there are finished high quality remakes of: The intro, amf, the part after amf that transtions into pnm, ddd, imperium, hypermania, technicolor x innocence and shelter x amf. If there are any other finished good remakes out there that I don't know about please tell me! This leaves: pnm x nfnm x hmjb, icarus, the ID after icarus where he goes ohhhh, the got my day comin ID (idk how this is supposed to be remade tbh lol) shelter neptune, youre on, nirvana x finale, be fine x nfnm, and the instead ID x la lune. (Miracle and Heavy with Hoping are not included, as they are just the original songs to my knowledge) I know this seems like a lot, but seeing as the show only started relatively recently and we already have almost half of it remade (which is pretty insane, shoutouts to all of the remake artists) it's certainly possible! Now, if you have a already finished remake, or are working on one you would allow me to use for the movie (even ones that are already remade are appreciated. you can also send them to or contact me on discord @ fluff#9216! Of course appropriate credit will be given to everyone! Visual Artists: I know it seems weird at first that I am asking for help from visual artists, but I've seen a lot of the already existing amazing visual remakes of GFL and I wanted to include those talents as well. So while the main visuals of the movie are still going to be the concert clips, I think it would be pretty cool to include some visual remakes as well, to bring the movie to the next level. If you have already completed a visual remake or are working one that you would allow me to use you can also send them to or contact me on discord @ fluff#9216! Of course appropriate credit will be given to everyone! However, please only create full visual remakes of songs because you want to, if you want to work for the movie specifically contact me before you do, as I will not be able to fit full remakes into it sadly. Closing Words: I really really hope this project kicks off! I know there has been a lot of wishes about a GFL movie so I thought I would try and work on it this time - I just cannot do it without enough help, so I hope y'all are as excited to work on something like this as I am. On the Discord there has also been talks about a specific Discord server for this project but I held back on this for now, because I don't really know how much interest there is yet. If a server for updates and better coordination of our work is something you would be interested in, please also let me know! I really really hope that this project ends up succesful! UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who already sent their submission in! I still need a lot more clips however, so even if you only filmed a little bit or not that great of a view - I want to get clips from as many people as possible in so please send me yours! Also the Discord server for this project is now live: If you want to get Updates on the progression of the project or help with audio or visual remakes you are very welcome to join! Fluff.

I ❤ Depp. he is my role i was 12. Hes still so handsome. HANDSOME HAWKE. The song of names movie photos 2017 free. The song of names music. Artist: Quelle Chris Album: Guns Listen YouTube Spotify Apple Music Bandcamp Background One of Detroits true odd-balls, Quelle Chris got his start in 2006 with fellow wordsmith Denmark Vessey, forming the duo known as Crown Nation, releasing their debut LP lutbag Edition in 2008. Linking up with Danny Brown shortly after, Chris is credited as a writer for many of Browns early work, even going as far to produce several tracks on The Hybrid. In fact, they ran in such a tight circle that Quelle used the same beat from Danny Browns XXX on his 2011 debut solo album Shotgun & Sleek Rifle; Quelles “MTFO” uses the same beat as Browns “Nosebleeds”. Quelle began his rise to underground prominence after his 2017 album Being You Is Great! I Wish I Could Be You More Often was met with critical acclaim, landing at #26 on Anthony Fantanos end of year list, 11 on Rolling Stones best rap albums of 2017, and #12 on bandcamps end of year list. Quick to follow up what was clearly his best album yet, shortly after getting engaged to legendary underground MC Jean Grae, these two came together in 2018 to release their collaborative effort Everythings Fine, which was somehow even more well received than Being You Is Great. It was awarded Best New Music by Pitchfork, and was hailed as the best album of 2018, landing at #1 on bandcamps end of year list. After two albums in back to back years, both of which are widely regarded as his best works, a big question arose. Could Quelle keep this hot streak alive? Would he be able to continue making his unique, odd-ball flavor of hip-hop work in his favor, or would his nasal tone and eclectic beat selection come off as self-indulgence for the sake of self-indulgence? On March 29, 2019, Chris was given the chance to confirm whether his past two albums success were an outlier, or if he would finally cement himself in this decades underground hall of fame. Album Review In Quelles own words, from his bandcamp page: Guns is an arsenal of both sounds, styles and subjects. At its core its about things that can be weaponized for good or evil, including ourselves. The words we say, what we fear, how we love, how we live, what we ingest, what we believe in, who we idolize, shit like that. Somewhat a sonic study of the question “do ‘guns kill people or do people kill people? On Guns, Quelle examines not only the obvious sources of violence in American society, the literal guns, but the root cause(s) of where these violent urges stem from. “Guns” simultaneously acts as a metaphor for how institutions are weaponized to hold people down, as well as the weapons we have to fight back against an inherently corrupt system. Quelle explores these concepts with beautiful intricacy and depth. LITERALLY (more patriotic than pie) With a title like Guns, you might expect Quelle to utilize an aggressive sonic direction, using the beats to act as a metaphor for the loud and violent state guns exist within. However, Quelle instead opts to let his pen sprawl the concept. With the opener “Spray and Pray”, producer Dane sets the tone of the album with a simple kick and snare pattern featuring a thicc snare, while a tall, walking bassline backs the drums, creating an unsettling, yet simultaneously comforting vibe for Quelle to spit his socially conscious bars with his trademark mellow and monotone flow. At only 1:30, Quelle is able to pack a surprising amount of thought provoking bars into the brief track. Quelle sets the lyrical tone of the album, nailing several major points regarding gun culture in America with multiple tightly packed one liners. Mentioning his original friend cohort and their eventual lifestyle change, concluding that a 401k is more useful than an AK-47. Commenting on the culture surrounding gun safety that he has experienced; where young people refuse to utilize their safeties, and how that mentality translates into adults who are intentionally reckless with their arms. The most poignant piece of commentary here is found in the bridge, where Quelle uses “all guns for hire” as a metaphor for the massive lobbying power provided to the NRA, who use that power to spread misinformation regarding gun violence in order to maintain the current status quo. This song ends abruptly, with Quelle seemingly getting ready to go in for a second verse, when he is stopped short by… Praying the climate changing, this game maintained by the youth Watching 'em run and gun 'til they grow up to be like ( gunshot. guessed it, a gunshot. Quelle uses the opening track as an opportunity to create a library of generic gun violence talking points, almost in an attempt to get them out of the way. This is what the album would be if he were to address this deeply nuanced topic from a strictly surface level perspective. Instead, we are blessed with Quelle diving deeper into the social and cultural aspects of gun violence on the following track. We then dive directly into the title track “Guns”, opening with a cascade of jazzy piano keys and a super smooth synth chord progression to compliment it, which then breaks into these double time opened snare claps, providing Quelle an up-tempo, bright and colorful backdrop to spit hyper conscious lyrics, beginning with the foundation as to what drives Americans obsession with guns. Not unlike many different cultural phenomena, Quelle views the American fanaticism with guns as a learned cultural expression. He provides a few examples of how a weapon, that ideally should be used for protection, can be normalized in a persons youth to the point where its not viewed as a weapon anymore. If a twenty-two caliber bullet is viewed as “more patriotic than pie”, or if you learned how to fire a weapon before you could even spell, then gun use has been deeply ingrained into your psyche and is now a standard aspect of your life. However, its not simply the presence of guns that has been normalized; its the misuse of these weapons as toys, and their appropriation as status symbols that has been normalized. The bigger your guns, the stronger you are. This is a fallacy that Quelle builds around for the duration of this album. In the second verse, Quelle is able to extrapolate the idea that guns are an integral part of American culture, imagining himself in the shoes of someone who was raised with this world-view, reacting to some of the proposed gun control measures. They hollering give me back my bullets, Lynyrd Skynyrd, new Van Zants If you own it, then you'll pull it, maybe so, probably not They spend billions like civilians won't catch trickle from the top Just to protect or to progress what but little bit we got Bruh-bruh, I'm your friendly neighbor, I stay on yo block I protect and service, I big game, buckshot Ain't no cracking that code, ain't no safety on locks Might as well get you one, procrastinating will get you popped After reeling from the unsurprising animosity to the proposed gun control measures, Quelle attempts to bargain with this “person” (not really an individual, more a representation of a group think. As their “friendly neighbor”, he understands their desire for protection in their neighborhood. Quelle states that even he arms himself; although, its likely with a hunting rifle or shotgun. Eventually realizing that there is no “cracking that code”, or getting through to them. If they are not willing to listen, nothing will change, and his only logical course of action is to arm himself at an equal level to his neighbor because, as stated, “procrastinating will get you popped”. This verse does an excellent job of illustrating how the gun control argument in America has progressed on both sides. Instead of being clearly biased, Quelle presents viewpoints from both sides of the argument; showing how deeply ingrained guns are in American culture, and why people might be hesitant to willingly give up an aspect of their culture that they have always known. Simultaneously, it also illustrates the reaction that some people might take when their ideas to curve the widespread violence are immediately rejected; a reaction that will not only not solve the crisis, but exacerbates it. The idea that “if everyone has a gun, we would have no gun violence” only provides a sense of security on an individual level, not a systemic one. All this is subtly expressed through Quelles 16 bars. As he progresses in his career, Quelles pen has become more and more impressive. Listening to the guy who once wrote a song called Super Fuck spew these incredibly socially conscious lyrics is almost shocking. RACE & THE LAW (for the black, for the white, its for all) “Color of the Day” is a simple skit track, taking a subtle jab at law enforcement, and how simply performing mundane activities (walking, shopping, swimming, driving) “while black” is enough to get someone stopped by the police. Really, the skit is meant to provide some context to the following track, “Mind Ya Bidness”. Sounding like something straight out of a 1980s video game, and further confirmed thats exactly what Quelle was aiming for, with the music video, the self-produced “Mind Ya Bidness” is a representation of a few things. On the surface, its an ultra low-key flex track, with Quelle describing his night at a club. Obviously, the first thing he does before he even leaves his house, is get baked with his wife. But dont try to take his weed, hell have you praying for mercy. He then heads out to the club; the catch here being that Quelle doesnt like to stunt. I ain't tryna stunt, I post in the back Can't eat with them niggas, most them niggas is actors You ain't got no homies, all your homies is rappers If Quelles at the club, hes hanging out in a back room with his ride or die friends and a shitload of weed. He mentions how he cant hang with these “actors”, likely meaning other rappers that are putting on a facade. You may have more heads in their section, but theyre not your homies. Theyre just dudes who are trying to get put on and chase clout. The chorus outlines a small bit of social commentary with a double meaning, connecting the mellow flex-track to the overarching theme illustrated throughout the record. 'Cause me and mine 'bout to shine, that's for motherfucking sure Feeling VIP, fill a zip full of motherfucking smoke We got brown, we got white and some motherfucking Guinness If Quelle feels like its a VIP kinda night, hes gunna take a zip of weed and head out with his friends. In this case, its a mixed crowd (figuratively and literally. Hes got black friends, hes got white friends, and he uses “Guinness” as a metaphor for his mixed-race friends, as well as the literal interpretation of drinking beers. And ain't nobody here tripping, so mind ya motherfucking bidness This is the double meaning that Quelle is implying throughout the song. If a group of dudes are just chilling and not causing a disturbance, then theres no real reason for someone (a police officer) to not mind his business and leave them alone. Chris poignant social commentary, speaking on the systemic racism that plagues law enforcement officers throughout the US, is illustrated in the music video as well; after being welcomed into the back room of the club and bartering with a dude, he is chased by a pig and put in handcuffs, while a white dude smoking a bong right behind the pig is ignored and gets off scott free. I COULD STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF FIFTH AVENUE AND SHOOT SOMEBODY AND I WOULDNT LOSE “Mind Ya Bidness” ends with this real life quote from our Orange In Chief, delivered via vocal snippet collage, introducing the topic found on the following track. Imagine; its 2007 and presidential candidate Barack Obama gets in front of the press and starts talking about the strength of his campaign. He says, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldnt lose any voters”. How do you think this would have been received? I can tell you now, he would have been ostracized by the media and would have lost all the political support he had, nearly immediately. But Donald Trump, a person who had been in the medias spotlight for ages before he announced his candidacy, can say this and be met with a room full of applause. LAUGHTER. A ROOM FILLED WITH PEOPLE LAUGHED AS HE STATED THAT HE COULD MURDER PEOPLE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. And then he went on to win the fucking presidency. “Its The Law (Farewell Goodbye Addio, Uncle Tom)” opens with a plucky, walking bass-line, backing these off-kilter, slowly marching kick-kick-open-snare patterns, creating a beat thats almost dragging its way through the track; an apt backdrop for the subject matter tackled, beginning with this skit: It's God's and Nature's Law That man attempt to prevail over his fellow man Better to remember, that God is white Would you mind repeating? God is White; and as long as God is white We will prevail over all other races Both of these short skits are meant to outline white privilege; the former in a very real, recent vein, and the ladder in a more conceptual, abstract lane. Its been well documented that Jesus Christ was not white, yet he is continually portrayed as a white man. Why? Why do people who worship Jesus, the supposed Son of God, insist on viewing him through this white-washed lense? Its all about control. As long as God, or the Son of God, is white, they will prevail. Both of Quelles verses on this track are packed full of metaphors and imagery that depict how white supremacy has been a keystone building block of the foundation of the United States. Ill breakdown the subtleties of his first verse, as I find it to have some of the most intriguing metaphors and delivery Ive heard this year. Let he who is without cast the first 'Get-out-of-our-country' Oh, the hypocrisy Another tongue in cheek ode to the democracy To help normalize the day to day atrocities Quelle digs into this concept with brilliance right off the bat, repurposing one of Jesuss most famous quotes (John 8:7) to call out the double standard of people calling for a wall to keep out “criminals and rapists” By the law of the land, as planned by the man upstairs From Lehem with the long blonde hair The USA was intentionally founded as a country with religious freedom, yet it has somehow been misconstrued as a “Christian Nation” by any number of religious fanatics screaming for Americas laws to more accurately reflect the “morals of the Bible. ” Quelle directly references the fact that Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem, Israel, a middle eastern country, is generally depicted as having long blonde hair. Oh, the irony All these multi-culti hatin' whities Who fetishize some brown on ivory AKA bless the USA In the true blue bloods who trust, American Way Quelle continues to poke holes in their logic, this time with a beautifully executed double entendre. The first of which being that white supremacists, who so vehemently hate black culture, fetishize the words of a brown-skinned Jewish man as the “law of the land”. The second of which being the fact that in todays society, southern states, which are generally associated with rampant racism and hatred of black culture, search for ebony and interracial porn at a far higher rate than the rest of the country. Hate in the name of love Sin ain't a sin if the pen pushes them vs. us From under the ship to behind the truck Behind the truck to the back of the bus Now we makin' it? Or going back where we was? Progress is a long road So buckle up The treatment of African-Americans in this country could easily be viewed as a sin. That is, unless the laws of the US condone it, and until not that recently in terms of our country's history, they very much did. Quelle outlines a brief history of how the rights of African-Americans have progressed in the US, ending with a question. Have we made it? Have we reached a point where African-Americans are considered equal? Or have we regressed? Either way, buckle up, because progress is a long road. This is easily the best verse Ive heard this year. Not only is it unbelievably witty and well-written, but its delivered with such ease from Quelle that you might not even pick up what hes talking about on first listen because his flows are so smooth and his rhymes are so tightly packed that you just want to listen to how effortless his raps are. This song ends with the final iteration of the chorus. It's the law, it's the law niggas It's for me, it's for y'all, it's for all of us For the straight, for the coochie and the ball lickers It's the law, for the black, for the white, it's for all... then brings us back to the Donald Trump quote that initially lead us into the song. This is meant to drive the point home that laws are meant for everyone; except the 1. If youre part of the 1% you are more than welcome to threaten murder on national TV; hell, it might even increase your poll numbers. And while historically, the law has been used to oppress people of color, Quelle now realizes that it has moved past just oppressing one race. Its used as a mechanism to hold people in their current social class, and does not apply to people with money. Class is the new race, which is better for the oppressors, because its not illegal to discriminate against poor people. GOD (and so will I… why not. Religion was touched on lightly in the previous track, the implication being that religion is the basis for the laws that have been so effectively weaponized to discriminate. “Wild Minks” follows in the tracklist, continuing the theme of religion; this time with a much more metaphorical and abstract approach. The track opens with a lone piano note, and a few simple piano chords following shortly after. A very mellow kick-kick-kick-snare pattern that sounds like its been sat on eventually breaks into the track. Quelle added a layer of what sounds like vinyl static to the background of this track, making it feel distinctly lo-fi compared to the rest of the album, which sounds tightly polished and clean. Maybe this is due to the Mach-Hommy feature, whose vocals are consistently muddy and mixed down, even in his own music. Either way, this lo-fi hissing does detract from the verses spit on this song, making appreciating the subtle concept even more difficult. From a sonic standpoint, Id say this is the low-point for the album. However this sonic shortcoming is more than made up for from a lyrical perspective. “Wild Minks” is, without question, the most complicated and abstract concept approached on this record. Im going to do my best to break it down for you here, but I urge you to read the lyrics a few times before you read my explanation. A big part of what makes this concept so unique is the perspective from which Quelle writes his verse; blending true aspects of biblical scripture with absurdism, and using that as a metaphor for todays society. Quelles verse here starts out referencing Matthew 3:4, referring to Johns shirt of camels hair and his leather belt as “Wild Minks”. He then lays down an intricate and descriptive verse about John The Baptist and how he lived; detailing his affinity for substances, his desire for lavish compensation, his expansive housing, his high quality furs, his expensive diet, and how hes considered to be cultured and refined by his friend group due to these things. Wait, back up. John The Baptist wasnt materialistic, was he? Hes considered a Saint in the Christian faith. How could someone who enjoyed such a lavish lifestyle be a literal Saint? As it turns out, very little Quelle details in his verse here is true about how John The Baptist lived. So why fabricate this detailed verse about his lifestyle? What am I missing here? Quelle ends his verse with the perfect summation of the subtle metaphor outlined in this track: Johnny boy wore wild minks, and so will I Why not? Chris uses the “wild minks” that John The Baptist wore as a metaphor to illustrate how religious scriptures can be easily lost in translation, and misinterpreted in ways that are far, even polar opposite, from their original intention. If John The Baptist wore wild minks, whats so wrong about me wanting to do the same? He was a Saint, after all. First off, a shirt made of camel hair isnt exactly comparable to a “wild mink”. Even if thats what it was referring to, during the time he was alive, the fact that he was wearing a wild mink implies that he was living in harsh conditions; he likely hunted those animals in order to stay warm and survive. However, in todays society, a wild mink coat is considered a lavish and expensive luxury. Viewing this scripture from a strictly surface level perspective might allow one to interpret that living a materialistic lifestyle is condoned by the Bible. His lyrics here reflect the absurdity of what it would have been like if John was to live with lavishness, with delicate complexity, such as: Feasting on meats that was bled from the throat Lambs and goats Wiping the grease from said treats on the sleeves of his coats Matthew 3:4 literally states that Johns diet consisted of locusts and honey. Quelle outlines the habits of todays ultra-wealthy and re-appropriates them into the context of John The Baptist; making you realize the true absurdity of the way the 1% lives today, a lifestyle that has strayed quite far from what their “God” would condone. Quelles verse here very subtly summarizes how scripture can be intentionally misinterpreted for personal gain and selfishness, expressed using extremely complicated and deeply coated metaphors, all of which sound buttery and smooth flowing from Chris, thanks in part to his complex rhyme schemes. This is undoubtedly the most subtle concept in the whole album. No joke, it took me a full week of dissecting these lyrics and studying John The Baptist to piece this metaphor together. P. S. Fuck you and your shitty DMCA takedown requests Mach-Hommy! YOURSELF (i par up bar for bar, pa) While the first half of this album beautifully details the many ways in which our society is designed to hold people back, the second half of this album is about how we can combat it. As individuals, we dont have the luxury of being able to design our country to benefit the few. We must operate inside the system weve been born into, and Chris is aware that the most powerful weapon we have to fight back against a corrupt system is our own success. This is what “Box of Wheaties” represents. As some of you might already know, Quelle Chris recently changed the beat on "Box of Wheaties" presumably due to sample clearance issues. When I discovered this, I went to check his Twitter to see if he mentioned anything about it, and the very first thing I saw was this series of tweets that Quelle had recently pinned. He basically goes off on hating the streaming service industry, and how we are just borrowing music from Big Brother. Really the most essential thing to take away from this, is that buying music is arguably more important than ever. By exclusively streaming music, you don't own any of it. It can be taken away in an instant by any number of frivolous lawsuits artists are slapped with on a regular basis. But, if you buy a physical copy of an album, no one can take it away from you. I'm extremely lucky to have had the foresight to download the album to my phone, which has not yet been changed. However, one day when the data is corrupted, I will have no option but to re-download the tracks, and I will lose the OG version of "Box of Wheaties. BUT, I have the album on vinyl. And although it was pressed with an illegal sample, there is no court that can take away my vinyl. I have that version forever now. Initially, I wondered if I should have my review reflect the original version, or the updated version that new listeners would experience. However, its clear from his tweets, this new beat is not what he envisioned or wanted for this album. He put out the version with this sample for a reason. My review will be reflective of the original version. The beat on “Box of Wheaties” (originally) samples Les Hurdle - Youve Got What It Takes, taking the smooth guitar melody and jazzy drums, pitching them down, and looping it to fit into the slow groove of 88 BPMs that “Box of Wheaties” so comfortably rests at. Chris opens this track with a super catchy chorus, featuring a flurry of internal rhymes and the smoothest delivery you can imagine, listing reasons as to why he thinks you should find his face on a box of Wheaties, a place historically reserved for “Champions”. Chris has been grinding in his profession for a long time. Hes been making music for well over a decade; at this point in his career, hes 15 albums deep. If you had paid attention, he believes you would find his work is worthy of a spot on a Wheaties Box. Now, if Wheaties were to start including artists (musicians, writers, actors, etc. on their prestigious boxes, would Quelle qualify? Based on his overall discography quality at this point, I would say no. In my opinion, he has three albums that are worthy of true praise and accolades, all of which came out within the last 3 years. But thats not what Chris is alluding to with this metaphor. His point here is, being confident enough to believe that he deserves the Wheaties Box spot is a major factor in manifesting that reality. The way Quelle delivers this hook with absolute confidence in his ability, even mentioning that his raps are good enough to “par up bar for bar, pa” with any rapper in the game today, is an attitude that society could benefit from. Put in the work and know that the accolades will follow. This is exactly what happened with Chris work. After grinding for 10+ years, he finally began getting noticed in 2017 with Being You Is Great. Everythings Fine was named bandcamps AOTY in 2018, and he has what I consider to be the best album of 2019 with Guns. But it starts with knowing that you belong there. Your thoughts manifest your reality. Put in the work and know it will come, and it will. SLEEVELESS MINKS (smoke em if you got em) If “Wild Minks” represents the many ways that the elite live to excess, “PSA Drugfest 2003” represents the limited ways that the 99% live in excess. Since most of us dont have money to blow on lavish clothing, cars, or homes, were forced to find ways to cope with the stresses of living in this near-dystopian wasteland, and there is nothing more cost-effective at doing so than drugs. Acting as the follow up to his song “Drugfest TooThousandToo" from his 2015 album Innocent Country, Chris takes the concept previously explored and amplifies the message. In “TooThousandToo”, he utilizes a crowds reaction to his mentioning of certain drugs as the litmus test for what drugs are good and what drugs are bad, eventually concluding that weed and mushrooms are the favorites from the crowd. In 2003, Chris has evolved his opinion, throwing caution to the wind with his drug choices. This is made clear right off the bat with his opening line. This town ain't the right size for you and I Six million ways to fly, who's tryna die? Chris is rapping from the perspective of the average American, looking for ways to cope with the insane stresses that the elite have forced us to live with. He isnt looking to be picky with his high, he just wants it to distract him. He starts with the spliff, but quickly graduates to harder drugs as the weed and nicotine high “got lame”; moving up the drug intensity scale as our drug tolerance increases and our social and economic injustice tolerance decreases. When that shit got lame, we spiced up the game Brought out the blades and lined up cocaine Prefer it off white, but albinos, okay To balance out the jump, we rolled it up Js Making one last bible reference in the chorus here, he relates the American people to the sinners of Sodom and Gamorrah, implying that we would rather be dead than to continue to live in the wasteland that we currently exist within. And let me tell you, in a certain sense, hes not wrong. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (trust me tho i seen it) The track “Sunday Mass” is sandwiched between Drugfest and “Straight Shot”. This short, one verse song, delivered by Bilal Salaam, is essentially a laundry list of mass shootings from the past few years. Bilal refers to the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Las Vegas massacre, and the Texas shooting that occurred in a Baptist church, amongst others. This is used to set up the concept of the following track. “Straight Shot” is a representation of a couple things. One, it outlines some of the hopelessness that many of us experience due to the long-term impact of the many weapons that society has pointed at us, be they literal or figurative. We get to watch our neighbors be executed by mad-men with guns on TV on a semi-regular basis, and then walk outside to a world that is literally designed to oppress you and make you complacent. Its not difficult to see how the combination of horrors we are subjected to regularly can make people feel like theres no point in being here. I know for a fact that Ive experienced it, and Im positive plenty of you have as well. Two, its a reminder for people who are feeling this way that there are reasons to stick around. Featuring a verse from Brooklyn native Cavalier, Straight Shot" is easily one of the most gorgeous and well composed songs on this record. Melancholy piano keys and a single bass note opens the track, followed shortly by Quelle singing the incredibly soulful chorus. He seems to be on the brink of crying, with his voice cracking as he sings along. A skeletal drum kit comes in after the first iteration, followed by a choir of voices singing the bassline melody, before the full drum kit kicks off Quelles verse. Chris opens the track with a verse thats very light, describing himself seeing the good in the world. He paints a picture of himself enjoying life; making the music he loves, laughing at his past pain, and stopping to sniff the flowers. He recognizes that hes preaching to the choir, as his fanbase are generally people who might be aware of the issues hes been outlining during the past 35 minutes. Cavalier follows the chorus with a verse that paints a diametric view of the world. He describes his time on “this pitiful stone” as a Sisyphus Stroll, and his desire to leave it all behind. However, Quelles perspective in the previous verse has brought him back from the brink. Using absolutely gorgeous imagery to describe his misery, and his eventual conclusion that there are reasons to continue on; Cavalier realizes that the powers that be are the ones making him doubt his worth, and if theres one thing he loves, its an underdog story, and standing against the ruling class in todays society is about as big of an underdog that you can be. EAT THE RICH (im tryna burn this bitch down) The lead single for Guns, “Obamacare” features this absolutely haunting, choppy synth lead pounding away until a short piano melody erupts into the enormously heavy, and honestly sinister beat drop. On the surface, “Obamacare” seems like a simple flex track, with Quelle laying down ultra-confident bars, painting a picture of other rappers being terrified to take Chris on. However, watching the music video, you begin to realize the secondary meaning that hes attempting to outline; anarchy. Quelles hook game has been massively improved, even from his last few records, with the catchy chorus starting off with lyrics that any anarchist would be proud to chant in the streets. I'm tryna burn this bitch down, I ain't tryna break in Fuck your opinion 'bout us, to me don't mean nathan I brought the wave, brought the rain, brought the lake in Eyes on the cake and yours is for the takin' wait man Lyrically painting a picture of a society that is sick of being oppressed by the ruling class and is finally ready to rise up, Chris anarchist nature is made very clear in the music video. The chorus features a robber burning down a building and making off with a comically sized money bag, while a cop, in an ironic twist of fate, is stuck behind bars, as well as a literal lake of blood rising while pieces of cake, depicted as boats, float around the blood lake. If you were look at this from a surface level perspective, you would likely see a flex track, as Quelles second verse particularly comes off as “look at how much better Im doing than you”. But watching the video, it becomes clear that hes rapping from the perspective of the 1. We see Chris and his “friends” sitting around a table, playing cards, while his verse details some of the privileges the 1% live with; being able to gamble money away while people in the lower classes would significantly notice a few more dollars in the paychecks. Their neighbors are high ranking pharmaceutical industry members with access to any drug they can imagine, vacationing together in southern beach houses, eating steak and eggs until gout forms. These lavish lifestyles are bound to anger the lower classes, who are literally starving. Hence the chorus overt “eat the rich” themes. ROMANTIC LOVE & LEGACY (and when i win, we win) Following “Obamacare” as a much needed positive note(s) to end the record on, the albums love song, which features Quelles wife Jean Grae on the refrain, might seem a bit out of place on this album at first glance. However if youve made it this far into the review, you can likely conclude that Chris is making the point that finding the right person allows both of you to muddle through this hellscape known as our society with a bit more ease. You hold each other up in times of darkness, and celebrate big in times of light. One persons victory becomes our victory. Quelle and Jean married in mid 2018, and if you were looking for a compelling reason to keep going on “Straight Shot”, Quelle is letting you know his with “You, Me. Nobody Else”. Finally, we are brought to the closer “WYRM”. This track shows Quelle ruminating over the idea of his legacy, and how he will be remembered when hes gone with absolutely gorgeous lyrical expertise, particularly in his first verse. Hes aware that most people who are born into this world are forgotten sooner than later, and the only way to be truly remembered is if you have a worthwhile legacy. Calling back themes previously mentioned throughout the album, he feels like he's done enough to be remembered, but dont we all? Will you remember me? Am I just a moment for few to see? Another black face rapping nigga on a cash chase? Dozen for a dime, penny for your mind at one time? Chris is aware of the saturation of rappers in the game now and worries that his legacy will be downplayed and forgotten due to the direction he took his art in. Rappers who are making music just for the money are a dime a dozen lately, and hes concerned that his legacy will be tarnished due to those who arent in it for the right reasons. Overview This is by far Quelles best album to date, in my opinion. Guns does an unbelievably gorgeous job identifying the many ways our society has been oppressed into submission, while simultaneously summarizing how we can rise above the few and be better people for it with intricate detail. Chris lyrics are sharper and more layered than they've ever been, and the self-produced beats are beautiful beyond words. Guns is not only a milestone for Quelle Chris career, as this is by far the most cohesive and conceptually brilliant piece of work hes ever released, but it also represents a breaking point in our society, as well as the framework for how we can better ourselves and the people around us on the long road ahead. Quelle has nailed every aspect of this project, stringing these 13 tracks together into a album that is far greater than the sum of its parts. 9. 2/10 Favorite Lyrics “Guns”: Verse 1 “Its The Law (Farewell Goodbye Addio, Uncle Tom)” Verse 1 “Wild Minks” Verse 1 "Straight Shot" Verse 2, by Cavalier "Box of Wheaties" Verse 2, by Denmark Vessey Talking Points How does this album compare to the rest of Quelles discography? Do you think Im reaching with some of the points I made during this review? What are your favorite lyrics? How do you think this album will be looked back on in 5 years.

Dang... this is gonna hurt. Iz this WestWorld part 3 or 4.

Finally a trailer that does not reveal the ENTIRE ENDING

The song of names rotten tomatoes. The Song of. I have been searching the internet and there is no place to view for free! I haven't seen this version in over 30 years. Harry Potter and the miracle workers 😁. I plan on leaving this post up for only a couple of days, as I am in the process of trying to release this track on my full length project, but I just really needed to show somebody, and get some feedback. I also wanted it to be heard this month. You can download or stream the track free from this link, if you so please. Little background on the song and myself; I go by the stage name Five. I am from Kansas City, MO, which I may argue is the epicenter of the Negro Leagues' impact. I'm white, but I grew up listening to my grandfather's stories of the legends that walked through the tunnels at Municipal Stadium, from the Monarchs and other squads. I grew up loving this game and its history a mile from the old Municipal site and half a mile from the NLBM, where I still hold membership and visit often (just go if you haven't. I grew up watching the documentaries and reading the interviews and biographies. This was a passion project for me that was a lifetime in the making.  I idolize the men I wrote about in these verses, not simply for talent, but because of their love and sacrifice. They put it all on the line, often for pennies or less, and never quit, because they loved something. I try to live everyday like that, because of their stories. I needed to immortalize these men, their struggles, passion, and sacrifice. Most of all, I needed to make it known that they still make a difference in our stories can never be told too many times. The impact can never be overstated.  For my fellow baseball and American history buffs, this one is for you. For my brothers and sisters of all races that have had to fight through the same bigotry as these legends, I wrote this for you. For all my fellow diehard fans, run it up, we don't have a whole lot of contemporary baseball songs lol. For any player at any level that wants to use it, she is all yours, its my pleasure. Thanks a lot to everyone who listens and I hope you'll come find my work on your favorite streaming platform when I release in a couple of months. No matter your club, enjoy the upcoming season. Play ball.

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Oh YES! This looks amazing!😲 I'm definitely watching this in cinemas, can't wait! 😍. Whatever the movie turns out to be one thingis guaranteed- these two actors wont let you blinkt he entire movie. The guys look like they can play COLD killers, LOL. The song of names soundtrack. When Theres Madness when theres poison in youre Head when The sadness leaves you Broken in your bed- fav Part! 💋❤️. The song of names showtimes near me. I love you only 11 thank you for this song😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Oh, the Neanderthal-amanity of it all. smh. I am looking forward to this. Can't remember the name of that movie you saw when you were a kid? Or the name of that video game you had for Game Gear? This is the place to get help. Read the rules and suggestions of this subreddit for tips on how to get the most out of TOMT. (Located right side on desktop, varies on mobile...

00:42 felt like AC5 rtlett reference. I hope your parents told you all that you die in the end XD gold. Is this on Netflix.




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