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  • Romance, Comedy
  • creator David Crane
  • Rating 728560 Votes
  • Friends is a TV series starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. Follows the personal and professional lives of six twenty to thirty-something-year-old friends living in Manhattan

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Friends movie. Friendship baptist church. Friends coffee house prague. Friends season 1 episode 1. Friends of god. Friends friends. Friends logo. Friends on the other side lyrics. Friends lego set. If you just wanna laugh, this is a great serie!hdhdjdjdjxjjxjxjdjdjjdjd.

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I have been watching Friends since the third season and after I watched one episode, I was hooked. I immediately started recording all of the episodes and reading anything I could find about it. This show is one of the few exceptions of smart TV. It's funny but not to the point where it becomes silly.
Most if not all of the episodes are absolutely hilarious. When I watch Friends, I actually laugh out loud, which is unusual for me. Perhaps, the thing that I like best is that every week, two or three plots are running at the same time. Any other show, ONE plot is the main focus. Since the cast is made up of six characters, it calls for different situations and I love that. The most ordinary situations/dialogue/problems can be turned into something so complicated. And that's what makes it so funny.
Friends is a well written show that doesn't get out of control with its stupidity. At some times, the annoying laughter from the audience at the dumbest things makes me so mad.
The one downfall of the show is the constant change of wardrobe with the cast. (Specifically with the ladies.) I can't say that I've ever seen an outfit worn twice.
Even though the endless wear of dresses and khakis irritates me to no end, I still love the show because of its writing and terrific acting. In my opinion, nobody is worth 725,000 for 20 minutes, but thanks to the cast and crew for their creativity, I've learned to like today's TV.

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Friends tv show. Friends rave. I'm moving to Georga so I can vote for Doug. Friends coffee house. Friends with money. Friends reunion. Friends is an awful show! I never liked it and never will. The writing sucks the actors can't even act. This show should have went off air along time ago. The only thing I like on that show is the sofa in the cafe. I'm ashamed to have this show in America.

Best Thing i ever see to make watch
. Friends reunion 2020. When's the first poll that puts the Democrat King Klown whoever they might be 10 points ahead of Trump. Friends poker ross let rachel win. Friends trailer. Friends is one of the best comedies on TV 6 main characters Rachel (Jennifer aniston) Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) Joey (Matt Le Blanc) Chandler (Matthew Perry)and Ross (David Schwimmer)in the ten years it was on Rachel had a baby girl called Emma with Ross in series 8,ross also had a baby with carol named Ben in series 1,chandler married Monica in series 7,phoebe married mike in series 10 and joey had many failed acting parts in days of our lives,my favourite character was Monica because she was a warm-hearted person but she was also very sarcastic which made her a great character i also liked joey because he was such a charm with his catchphrase "how you doing? friends will always be heard off.

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