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Year 2020; country USA; Writed by Bryan Woods; Director John Krasinski.


Missed opportunity to call it : A 'two' quiet place. I love how aggresive they are toward making it silent, so i hope in this movie they show more gore to kill humans so they know that we know that they ain't play'in. Maybe we will find out why that family was so hell bent into killing the guy that was trying to protect them.

Lights out Bird box Quaite place Silence Dont breath Tall grass The mist 👍👍👍👍👍. It Was Being Filmed In Westfield New York Which Is Where I Live And It Was At The Beach, They Destroyed Some Boats.

Yoy have got to be kidding me

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Am not Scared. Literally anyone on Earth: Stomach Grumbles Quiet Place Creatures: So you have chosen. Death. Can't wait to see this movie! Looks so dope. The entire comments section is about farts only.




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