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178Min 1995 9,2 of 10 stars Directed by Mel Gibson liked It 918553 Votes Biography. Braveheart opening scene. Braveheart scene. Braveheart revenge scene. Braveheart gif. Tears falls every time I see this video 😢😢. I will never forget the look on Gibson's face after the first losing battle. This movie can reach out and touch someone. I don't know if I've seen any movie as many times as this one. If you never see any other movie, see this one. It is one of the greatest of all time.

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Braveheart csfd. Braveheart ending. Braveheart 1995. Right, firstly, it truly scares me that the majority of people actually think this is a good movie. It makes me question my belief in democracy quite frankly. To all my "fellow Scots" who seem to think this film defines our supposed "struggle" against English "oppression" should realise that it is actually about Mel Gibson's personal anti-English vendetta. I do believe in an independent Scotland, but I feel that this film is more of a hindrance than a help to this cause, because it makes it easy to label those of us who hold this belief as racist idiots. Anyway, the way I see it, the "bad guys" if you look at the history of this period is that the English aren't necessarily our enemies, it's the feudal lords of Britain in general. Why is it that this film hasn't caused a class war? I'm getting off the subject anyway. My advice to all these people who say this movie is "inspiring" and scream "freedom" no doubt while wearing a Jimmy hat, is that they should get off their fat arses and do something about gaining independence for Scotland, if they truly believe in it. Otherwise, shut up about it being such an inspiration.

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Braveheart speech. Braveheart imdb. I just cant get enough of this, have been coming to this video since past few years whenever I want to listen something that can light up my heart. Braveheart freedom gif. Braveheart pictures. Braveheart freedom. Braveheart hulu.

Braveheart costume. An Epic Epic movie !
I've always thought I had to watch this movie. Tonight, I finally did ! The story of Willam Wallace told by Mel Gibson is fabulous ! The movie is 3 hours long, but is it really that long ? It is so great, you don't look once at your watch, except at the end, of course. But you say "What ? Already finished ? It has only been 3 hours. 30 more minutes would be so appreciated !
Concerning the movie itself, I think Mel Gibson, as an actor and director was perfect! I am no professional, but I can distinguish good and bad filming. Braveheart definitely enters the 'Wow category. And the acting, not only Mel Gibson's one, but all the cast's one, is so real and brilliant. Now the music, well it's James Horner. This composer has memorable scores (Titanic for instance) but I'm convinced it's repetitive, yet the repetitive samples are good job.
To conclude, movie everyone has to see. You'll surely like it, nay love it ! However, the music tells me not to give 10 stars. But I'd put 9.5 if I could ! And one last word: FFFRRREEEEEEDDDOOOMMM.

Braveheart full movie. 2019 casi 2020 y sigue siendo un temazo. Please do Bohemian rhapsody cover 😍😍😍😍. Braveheart freedom meme. Braveheart bagpipes. Braveheart theme song. Braveheart hold. I saw this video and clicked on this and i got so many good memories of watching this with my dad and I'm crying. tired_face. Braveheart song. To People outside of the United Kingdom BRITISH = Scottish, English, Welsh and Northern Irish. Braveheart character. When a movie scene is trying to tell you something. Braveheart hellertown pa. I don't know why but this track sounds familiar. PS: Congrats for 500K <3.

Braveheart charge. YouTube. Braveheart battle. Add some bagpipes and this could've been on the OST! Fantastic rendition, my dude. I just subbed. May the Almighty Architect of the Universe see the nation of Scotland lead all the countries of the world into a United Planet dedicated to Love, Relief and above all - TRUTH. I became a british nationalist for 5 minutes lol. Braveheart. Braveheart 2. Braveheart sequel. Braveheart trivia. Freedom. The almighty says he can get me out of this mess but he's pretty sure YOU'RE FKD. 😜😂.

I didn't understand his point of view here until I, too became a war veteran. Braveheart opening.

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